Banning Kids From Having Smartphones Misses the Point

Banning Kids From Having Smartphones Misses the Point

Even if we could ban children from using all handheld devices, should we strive to do so?
Is Your Daughter a Cyberbully? Here's How to Tell

Is Your Daughter a Cyberbully? Here's How to Tell

Is your daughter or son a cyberbully? Two teens in Florida are charged with a felony of aggravated stalking for their online misbehavior. Here's how you can tell what's going on with your children, and what to do about it.

5 Steps to a Family Vacation That's Stress and Tech Free!

Take a vacation from stress and tech! Well, make mine low tech, anyway.

Rethinking the Role of Digital Media in Family Life

Are you more comfortable with technology than your mom was? A new report finds that you're not alone. What will this mean for family life?

Flipping Parenting: My Family's Media and Tech Agreement

When young people are invited to contribute items to their family's contract about technology use, some interesting insights can emerge.

Designing Family Contracts For Technology Use

Designing a contract that outlines intentions for technology use is a good idea, especially when parents are expected to detail their own willingness to limit use. Here's my example of such a contract.

Sending Your Child to Mom U?

As an educator in digital media and learning, I share the enthusiasm that surrounds the possibilities for online learning through the Massive Open Online course (MOOC). But does this represent yet another shift of responsibility away from societal institutions and into family life?

Disciplining Teens For Online Mistakes

It's become a familiar story: parents using Facebook as a way to publicly discipline their children. Or parents trying to keep their children from trouble by monitoring their every online move. But are these practices effective?