5 Techniques for Champion Parenting

What are the foundational skills and techniques that champion parents use to raise competent, confident children without losing their mind? Read on to discover five techniques from the classroom that could help parents become masters of their craft.

Three Tips for Better Father-Daughter Bonding

Not a Barbie-admiring, purse-wearing, Bieber-loving, makeup-styling dad? No worries. Read on to discover why boys and girls play differently and what this means for how you interact with your daughter. Try these three simple strategies for father-daughter bonding and create a positive relationship that your daughter will savor for a lifetime.

Chris Peterson: The 25th Character Strength

Chris Peterson was a paragon of character strengths and virtues. What can be said about a man who believed so fervently in relationships and the strengths that reside in all human beings? He mattered.
Three Tips for Becoming a Motivated Parent

Three Tips for Becoming a Motivated Parent

You won't always feel motivated to be an effective parent. There will be days when you want to take shortcuts. You must take the long way and learn how to build your psychological muscle for the journey ahead. Take action with these three enhancements that will fuel your Well-Being and increase your motivation to parent effectively.
What Does Your Child Need From You?

What Does Your Child Need From You?

Flourishing families begin and end with the parent. You are the guide, the coach, the architect and designing a family system that is happy and connected is challenging. These three tips for creating a happy family will get you three steps closer to laying a strong foundation.

Parental Lying

Parents stretch the truth, feign ignorance and tell little white lies to influence their children's behavior. What does it matter? Should I be concerned? Here is the honest truth about the implications of lying on Parent Well-Being.
Status Update: New Mothers Escape to Facebook to Find Support

Status Update: New Mothers Escape to Facebook to Find Support

While mommy is soothing baby with pacifiers and warm milk, Facebook is swaddling mommy in the warmth of a connected community of support. How does an online community increase your Parent Well-Being?
Building Your Parent Playlist

Building Your Parent Playlist

When you play like a kid, you worry less and enjoy life more. Recreate more, take time to be unproductive and forget about your troubles.

Parenting Is Calling! How Will You Answer?

Parenting and happiness may have a love-hate relationship, but new research suggests that it is possible to have children AND be happy.

Parenting with Major Help

Do you find it difficult to ask for help? Doing so may positively impact your Parent Well-Being. Read on to find out how a mother of three in the U.S. Air Force learned to accept help from others during her six-month deployment to Afghanistan.

The Parent Well-Being Top Ten Tips for the New Year

Parenting brings extreme highs and extreme lows, but the constant in this parenting paradox is you, the parent. You matter. How you take care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically impacts how you take care of your children. Find out the top ten tips for parent well-being in the New Year.
What's in my Child's Future?

What's in my Child's Future?

Predicting your child's future may be a psychological need, but it can negatively impact your well-being and happiness. Be curious about the novel experiences of the present moment and become propelled by an uncertain future of possibilities.

The Imperfect Parent

Becoming an Imperfect Parent means reframing the journey.

The er-Factor: Becoming a Better Parent

Better than what? What does it mean to become a better parent?

Mommy Caves and Man Rooms

When demands are high and resources are low, many parents retreat to a safe haven for self care. Taking care of your self means taking better care of your kids.

Gain More this Holiday Season

 Parent Well-Being in the New Year

Parent Well-Being: From Rubix Cubes to Gumby

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