There are many kinds of therapy out there for individuals. Then there's counseling for more than one person: group counseling and couples or marriage counseling. If you're having trouble in your relationship with your partner, you might consider couple's counseling. This sounds objectively like a great idea, but then when you look into marriage counseling costs, it can feel overwhelming and might deter you from getting help. It doesn't have to, though. There are therapists and counselors who take your health insurance (if you have it) or work on a sliding scale, meaning they will ask you what you can afford per session and you both agree to a rate. 

If you're avoiding going to counseling because of other fears, you might use the cost of counseling as an excuse not to go. That's another issue that comes up between two people in a relationship. One party might say that the couple can't go because it isn't in their budget, but really they're afraid to confront issues in the relationship. When I titled this article, it wasn't solely about money. What I mean when I ask "how much would you pay to save your marriage?" is that it's also an emotional question. How much effort would you put forth to salvage your relationship?

I can't answer that question for you. It's up to you to look inside yourself and figure out if you still want to be married to your partner. That might sound like an emotionally overwhelming question, so I'm going to help you out with some questions to consider when making this decision. 

Here are some prompts to think about when answering this question for yourself:

Nobody's perfect

You've heard this question many times in your life. It's true that we all have our flaws. The question is, are you willing to accept your partner's differences? Is there a way that you can look at the major thing that you don't like about your partner and accept it?


Over the years resentment builds up in a marriage. Can you look at the most prominent things that you have resentment about in your relationship and forgive that yourself and your partner for what happened?


Do you and your partner communicate well? This is a major thing to think about. People have different communication styles and it's important to meet somewhere in the middle. If you have trouble in your communication, how can you fix the issues? 

Are you both on board?

You might be ready to save this relationship, but if your partner isn't on board it's not going to work. As hard as it might be to ask this question, sit down with your partner and ask them directly: are we in this together? If the answer is yes, then there's the potential to save your relationship.

If anyone told you that marriage is easy, they are mistaken. Romantic relationships take a lot of work. If both of you have decided to go to couple's counseling to work on your marriage that's a brave step. Congratulate yourself for trying to make your relationship work.

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