Atypical Depression -#YouMightHaveDepressionIf

Depression can show up in different ways

Posted Jun 24, 2017

My friend and mental health advocate Jean-François Claude started a hashtag #YouMightHaveDepressionIf on Twitter. It resonated with me because there are ways in which we might not realize that we are dealing with clinical depression. This hashtag 
We’ve heard that depression makes itself known when you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning. Perhaps you’ve lost enjoyment in the things you used to love. These are common manifestations of depression. However, there are ways that depression peaks its sneaky head out of the deep dark hole it is in. Here are some ways that depression impacts people that often go unacknowledged.

When you snap at your family and friends, this could be a symptom of depression. We don’t typically associate depression with irritability, frustration even anger. But, when left unchecked, this behavior can contribute to depression. If you find yourself irritable on a regular basis, you might consider speaking to your doctor about whether or not this could be a symptom of depression.
Working to avoid feeling
I’ve heard this from friends that work a great deal that are workaholics that they are using work as a means to avoid feeling their feelings. For example, you could have a low tolerance for emotional distress or pain. You could be experiencing depression as a product of a chemical imbalance or a situational incident. You might be grieving, dealing with a divorce, breakup or something of that nature
Your memory isn’t functioning well
Another overlooked symptom of depression is forgetting things easily. From where you put your keys to important events that you need to attend. You are overcome with dark feelings and your brain is consumed with these negative thoughts. There isn’t room for you to remember much at all. 
Being sensitive to being ignored (or even paranoid).
When you are feeling depressed sometimes you want people to notice and be supportive. It feels bad (to me) when I tell people that I am hurting and I don’t get a response, whether that’s via text or phone. I don’t like to be ignored and it makes me feel even worse when I sad. Though I understand that my friends and family have lives of their own, when I bother to reach out it means so much to me when that overture is acknowledged with an empathetic response. 
There are many symptoms of depression; some of them are on the surface, such as crying, listlessness, sleeping a lot or not at all and withdrawing from friends and family. Then there are there symptoms that are covert or under the surface. It’s the hidden symptoms that we need to be mindful of so that we can be there for our loved ones. Speak with your in-person or online therapist if you are experiencing depressive symptoms. Have you experienced an atypical symptom of depression? Please tell us about it in the comments. 

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