I have AD/HD. It's a blessing and a curse. Some days, I can't find my keys. Other days I'm hyperfocusing on an idea that is so important that I know it's going to change the world. Meanwhile, the house could be burning down and I wouldn't notice because I am tuned in to the universe of my brain

Here are some great advantages of living with AD/HD:

  • Creativity - Ideas zoom through my brain. My thoughts race like greyhounds. I carry a notebook in my bag so that I can write my thoughts down as they come. 
  • Adventure - I am spontaneous. All of a sudden I want to eat an ice cream sandwich and it's January. That's okay, I have AD/HD, let's do this!
  • Hyperfocus - When I am interested in something it becomes an obsession. I keep going until I get it done. It's as if I am a magnifying glass zooming in on the most important specimen in the entire world. 

And now for the disadvantages of living with AD/HD:

  • Lateness - I have no concept of time. I think it will take me 10 minutes to get ready, when in reality it will take me 45 minutes to get ready. This feels especially awful when I have a friend waiting for me. 
  • Distractability - I am extremely easily distracted. I could be working on something (like this article for example) and I notice there is a stain on my desk. I have to stop what I'm doing and clean the random purple blob from my desk before I can continue working on this piece. After the purple blob is gone, I forget what I was working on in the first place.
  • Impulsivity - My impulsive nature makes my friends and family extremely frustrated. When I want to do something, I do it. I don't think, I do. Then I realize that (in doing the thing that I did) it inadvertantly made someone angry because I didn't think about how they would feel. I didn't intend to offend, anger, or hurt anyone; I am merely an impulsive human.

Some days I feel like I am a superhero. I am extremely creative, productive, funny and a joy to be around. Other days, I am impulsive, irritable, and I feel like I am annoying everyone around me. The struggle is real. Living with AD/HD is challenging, but I love who I am, even though I walk around with my foot in my mouth...not literally. 

It's about balance. The challenge for those of us living with AD/HD is to find a way to harness the positive aspects of our superpower, while remembering to breathe before interrupting someone. It can be done, and I am confident that we can achieve this sense of equilibrium.

Sarah Fader
Source: Sarah Fader

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