Boundaries and Power

It is recommended that in order to have a strong YES, you need to say NO to the peripheral, annoying, low priories in your life.

Rejection is a Blessing

When you start to get down about being rejected, remember that there are new and exciting things to come.

Being Okay With Not Being Okay

If you are feeling depressed right now, I hope that you can find a way to express your feelings.

I Believe in the Power of Vulnerability

Today, speak your vulnerable, raw, real truth to someone. Even if it scares you to the core. You deserve to be heard

My Pain Is as Real as Your Pain

We can learn from the XOJane article. There are people out there who think human beings who have mental illness are damaged, fundamentally flawed, broken and beyond help.

Stop Calling People With Anxiety Needy

You deserve to be loved. You are important. Ask for what you need until you get it. You are not needy. You are a beautiful human.

557 Block - Where Writers Speak About Disability

Allie Burke uses disability and mental illness to inspire writers to speak their truth.

The Day I Almost Died Taught Me I Wanted to Live

The irony of this story is that I did not want to die when my hand went through that window.

3 Steps to Acknowledging Your Perfectly Hidden Depression

These steps are a beginning. They will get you out of hiding and into plain sight, where healing begins.

I Have a Disability But I'm Afraid to Check The Box

I believe it starts with being candid with your diagnosis in every day dialogue. Until that day, I don't feel comfortable checking that box.

My Suicide Attempt Doesn’t Make Me Unlovable

Regardless of any mental health struggle you have experienced in your lifetime,you are still worthy of love and belonging.

Raised By Wolves

Growth and maintenance requires a great deal of introspection and self-awareness, and sometimes I am not sure that all my Light can outweigh all my dark.

When I Stopped Fighting

When Depression heard my words it pierced its essence and the large black demon began to shed a singular tear.

My Facebook Detox Helped Me

I’m not sure if I will be returning to Facebook anytime soon. I will keep my business pages active, but I feel healthier not having Facebook in my life.

I Survived Panic Disorder—My Story

Mental illness is real. We need to be just as empathetic and sensitive to those who are managing depression as we are to people that are dealing with physical ailments or diseases.

F*ck Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is an inauthentic holiday. We don’t need one day to make our partner feel special.

The Key To Healthy Relationships is Safety

In due time, if you create a safe environment, that person will feel comfortable enough to share their feelings with you.

I Gravitate Toward People Who Don't Like Me

People who love and appreciate me know that I'm sensitive, caring and passionate. Those are the people that I will work harder to appreciate in my life.

#HumanLikeUs Tim-Can Werning Says We are All Human

No matter what we experience, what our diagnosis is, we are human beings and we deserve to be treated as such. That’s why I started the hashtag #HumanLikeUs.

The Science Behind Why Cats Pee on Things and Hiss at People

The next time that your cat pees on something, try not to get too “pissed” back at her. She is just communicating with you.

You B*tch - How Dare You Write About Me On The Internet

It's my life and my story- I have the right to tell it. I'll be mindful of the feelings of others, but not to the point where I can't express myself.

Altruism - Give Without Getting Anything Back

I know that helping other people makes me feel good. What can you do today that is an altruistic gesture?

Guest post - Why Jesus Couldn't Save Me From Depression

"Depression isn't something you can pray away. I needed support. Unfortunately, the stigma is so strong in black communities my cries went unheard." - Christy Lynn Abram

I am Labeling Myself

Before you instruct me not to label myself, understand this: labeling myself is the way that I choose to heal. I am not ashamed of having ADHD. In fact, it's part of what makes me

A Funeral For Anxiety And Depression

I was compelled to write this after a session with my life coach Eileen O'Grady. She helped me see that I'm ready to release Anxiety and Depression.

Five Ways To Feel Better During Depression

Here are five things that I do while depressed to help myself through an episode. You can do them too.

An Anxious Single Mother Can Make It - But How?

How can I be there for my children, put food on the table, and have a full time job? There must be an answer to this.

Schizophrenia and Carpet Sharks

Schizophrenics are actually far more likely to be the victim of violent crimes because the delusions and the inability to think clearly or rationally when untreated makes us easy victims for manipulation.

How To Not Take it Personally

If you are struggling with taking things personally, I encourage you to employ the tactic of asking yourself "this person is showing me a flaw about themselves. What is it?" None of us are perfect, but we are all human.

It's My First Time - Guest Post By Courtney Keesee

It’s my first time, being treated like a human being and not someone’s property to do with as they please.