Anxiety Is a Tricky Monster

Anxiety makes me believe that people hate me.

No Excuses: You Can Seek Help

There are no excuses; get help now.

Dealing With Trolls: Walk Away

How do deal with trolls online.

Cursing is F**king Cathartic

Cursing is catharic.

I Genuinely Want to Help People

To the people who assume I have an ulterior motive for helping people, here's what I have to say to you: there is none. I love people, I love myself, and I love the world. I believe in you.

What Causes Chronic Lateness

Are you late all the time? Here's why I am.

Allie Burke Has Paranoid Schizophrenia

Allie Burke has paranoid schizophrenia.

Announcing Stigma Fighters Teen - Where Voices are Heard

Meet Courtney - A 17 Year Old Mental Health Advocate

Courtney is who I wish I could have been at 17.

Mental Illness is NOT an Excuse to Be an A$$hole

Treat people with respect regardless of mental illness

Mental Health Advocacy is Not a Competition

If you are a mental health adovocate and you are doing good work for the cause, I support you.

I Have a Therapy Cat

Having a loving pet in your home is therapeutic

The Names of Psychiatric Medications Are Bizarre

The names of psych meds are bizarre and sound like aliens.

I'm an Obnoxious Introvert, Are You?

I'm an obnoxious introvert. You may be wondering, what does that mean?

Social Media As a Form of Validation

I use social media to validate my worth sometimes. Do you?

I'm Taking Crazy Back

I'm taking the word crazy back!

Handling Rejection as a Writer

How do you handle being rejected as a writer?

Selfies Are About Self-Love

Taking a self-portrait is an example of loving yourself.

Survive The Holidays With Social Anxiety

Tips on how to deal with social anxiety during the holiday season

Do This Today and Change Someone's Life

Doing a good deed will make YOU feel good.

My Pharmacists Are Getting Married and I Love Them

I found a new pharmacy that isn't a big chain and it's wonderful.

Time Magazine: Do Not Ban "Feminist"

Time Magazine wants to ban the word "feminist."

Be Brave, Make Art

I'm starting a movement: Be brave make art. #BeBraveMakeArt

Art Is Therapeutic For Everyone

We can create for the sake of creating. Stop judging, stop thinking, just draw, just write, just express who it is you are.

Medication Doesn't Necessarily Impact Creativity

The hesitancy to take psychiatric medication because it might stifle creativity

Stigma is a Dirty Word

Speak your truth. Tell your story. Remove stigma.

You Don't Look Sick and Other Lies

I want a better life for those of us living with mental illness. I want to see a world where we can talk about the symptoms of depression without shame, without guilt, and most importantly without fear of being judged as weak or less than.

You Have The Power to Change Your Life

You have the power to achieve your goals

Combating Anxiety: I'm Not Lazy, I'm Overwhelmed

We often feel overwhelmed but there's a solution to this: Make a list.