Proactive Ways to Deal with Depression

Living with clinical depression can feel exhausting. I know firsthand how hard depression hits people, and I can empathize with this feeling of exhaustion and hopelessness.
Steve Austin 2017

The Silent Church Failed Me When I Was Suicidal

The stigma surrounding mental illness, especially in Christian communities, keeps people locked in prisons of shame, refusing to admit that they need help.

13 Reasons Why You Should Watch 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why is a series that candidly discusses bullying, teen suicide, sexual assault, and illuminates what it's like to be a teenager in this technology-centric generation.

How to Help Your Depressed Friend

Depression is hard, but you can support a friend through it.

#WorkWithToday, A Real Mental Health Movement

#WorkWithToday is a reminder that all we can do is be in this moment. There is no tomorrow, there is no yesterday, there is only today and this minute.

I'm a Dietitian Who Lost 60 Lbs. In 6 Months

Losing 60 lbs started me on what will be a lifelong journey to becoming a stronger, more comprehensive, and more empathetic dietitian.

Win The War With Your Mind

Gabe Berman talks about winning the war with your mind. He believes that upon knowing what is real and true about the nature of reality and our minds, we can live fuller lives.

It Starts With You

This webinar will be perfect to help you understand that recovery is a process that is entirely possible and, with the right steps, support, and patience, recovery is inevitable. ​

#ADHDProbs- I Have ADHD and It Impacts My Relationships

Trust me when I tell you, I don't want to interrupt you. Believe me when I say I want to support you and hear your story.


Do you live with social anxiety too? I want to hear about your experience. Use #SocialAnxietyIsRealAF on Twitter.
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Have you ever changed from one psych med to another? Please tell me about it on Twitter by using #ShoutOutYourMedChange.
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The Brutal Truth About the Law of Attraction

Don't let anyone tell you that you attracted negative things into your life. You are the master of your destiny and that is the real law of attraction.

YOU are not your illness

We cannot define ourselves by our symptoms because we are more than broken or neuroatypical brains.
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Setting Boundaries and Saying No #AnxiousHomies

You got this, and I believe in your ability to say "I can't right now" because that means you are truly taking care of yourself. To all my #AnxiousHomies out there: say "no."
Vincent Fitzgerald 2017

I'm a Client and a Clinician

There are times I don’t have answers for clients, and when that happens, I don’t fabricate, nor do I allow anxiety to convince me I’m stupid for not having one.
Joy Pearson 2017

My Depression Needs a Dog, But I Can't Pay

It's the same pain, the same disappointment and heartbreak that I can't afford a dog.

Anxiety En Route to Orlando

I thought, what better place to go than Orlando, Florida. There are so many attractions and fun things to do for kids.
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Please join us by using the hashtag on Twitter #ThisIsWhatAnxietyFeelsLike.
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I'm Sorry to Bother You, But Please Don't Leave Me

One of the biggest lies anxiety tells us is that everything is about you or because of you.
Seeing Her Ghosts -Kirsten Becken

A Collaborative Book on Schizophrenia

Seeing Her Ghosts is a book with contributions from people who have a connection with schizophrenia in any way.

Boundaries and Power

It is recommended that in order to have a strong YES, you need to say NO to the peripheral, annoying, low priories in your life.

Rejection is a Blessing

When you start to get down about being rejected, remember that there are new and exciting things to come.

Being Okay With Not Being Okay

If you are feeling depressed right now, I hope that you can find a way to express your feelings.

I Believe in the Power of Vulnerability

Today, speak your vulnerable, raw, real truth to someone. Even if it scares you to the core. You deserve to be heard

My Pain Is as Real as Your Pain

We can learn from the XOJane article. There are people out there who think human beings who have mental illness are damaged, fundamentally flawed, broken and beyond help.

Stop Calling People With Anxiety Needy

You deserve to be loved. You are important. Ask for what you need until you get it. You are not needy. You are a beautiful human.

557 Block - Where Writers Speak About Disability

Allie Burke uses disability and mental illness to inspire writers to speak their truth.
Copyright 2016 Sarah Fader

The Day I Almost Died Taught Me I Wanted to Live

The irony of this story is that I did not want to die when my hand went through that window.
Copyright 2016 Dr. Margaret Rutherford

3 Steps to Acknowledging Your Perfectly Hidden Depression

These steps are a beginning. They will get you out of hiding and into plain sight, where healing begins.

I Have a Disability But I'm Afraid to Check The Box

I believe it starts with being candid with your diagnosis in every day dialogue. Until that day, I don't feel comfortable checking that box.