Let's Talk About Triggers

Triggers remind us of something traumatic that has happened in our lives. What can we do with them?

Grief is Not Linear

There's not one way to grieve and it comes in different stages.
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When Depression Starts To Ruin Your Life

Depression can be quite severe and debilitating.

What Is a Sociopath?

People who have antisocial personality disorder have difficulty following rules and often get into trouble with authority figures and can even become criminals.

Schizoid Personality Disorder Makes One Asocial

Schizoid personality disorder is a rare mental illness that is characterized by avoiding social situations

Eating Disorders Can Seriously Hurt Us

One of the things to examine when coping with an eating disorder is what your triggers are.

I Was Afraid of Exposure Therapy Ironically

Exposure therapy scared me but it was something that helped me.

Creating a Token Economy for a Child With O.D.D.

O.D.D. can be incredibly challenging for parents of children with the disorder. Here's a promising approach.

Subtle Signs of Depression

It may be hard to tell when someone is depressed.

I Was Angry- I Said Something I Didn’t Mean

Anger is often a reflection of our true feelings on a subject.

Family Systems Theory Builds Healthy Relationships

Bowen's family systems theory is a psychological concept that teaches us about the fundamental importance of our family units.

The Connection Between Migraines and Sexual Abuse

Migraines can be linked to sexual abuse.

Woman's Search For Meaning

I searched for the meaning of life in philosophy.

When Depression Follows You Throughout Your Life

Chronic depression is an extremely real mental health issue that many people deal with.

Prioritizing People in Your Life

People are like file folders and we are the file cabinets. We determine which files we keep inside.

I Diagnosed Myself With Complex PTSD

Sometimes we know ourselves better than our mental health professionals. No one diagnosed me with Complex PTSD but I knew I had it.

#DepressionIsNotAChoice - Join the movement

#DepressionIsNotAChoice. We do not have the luxury of choosing whether or not we are depressed. We do have the ability to decide what we do when we are depressed to help ourselves.

How An ADHD Brain is Like A Car

Shifting gears in a car is similar to how an ADHD brain works. Here's some techniques that will help you get things done when you have ADHD.

The Educational System is Failing Kids With ADHD

I am trying to fix the situation with my child so that he gets the accommodations that he needs.

Forms of Verbal Abuse You May Overlook

Verbal abuse isn't as clear-cut as you might think

When You Don't Look Depressed But You Are

Depression doesn't look the same on everyone.

Recovering From Emotional Abuse

After you have been in an emotionally abusive relationship there is a lot of trauma due process

I Love My Therapist

My therapist has been incredibly supportive and I worked hard to find her. I hope that everyone can have this experience of finding a therapist that understands and helps them.

Relationship Dealbreakers

There are things that some people find to be unforgivable. These are what I call “relationship dealbreakers.“

Therapy Stigma is Still Out There

It makes me so sad that there are people out there who are afraid to get help because the concept of going into a therapist office seems like they are doing something shameful.

What I Wish I Had Asked for in School

If I had known I had ADHD, I would have asked for untimed testing and other accomodations.

OCD Made Me Afraid to Take Medication

OCD caused me to be afraid to take medication and my fear made sense in some ways.

Do You Disclose Your Mental Illness Before You Get Married?

When you have a mental illness it impacts every area of your life. When you enter into a long-term relationship, you get to the point where you have to disclose your illness.
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Before You Get Married, Read This

he divorce rate in America is so high that it leaves me thinking that maybe there are some misconceptions about marriage.
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Understanding OCD Behavior Is Hard

People with OCD display what might look like "strange behavior" to the outside observer.