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Why Am I Angry?

Here are some things that trigger my anger; maybe you can relate to them.
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Therapy is Expensive

There are affordable therapists out there, but they are extremely hard to find.
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Anonymous Chat Rooms Can Help People Open Up

There is a sense of freedom in an anonymous chat room.

Hush - A Poetic Journey About Mental Illness

Nicole Lyons writes beautiful words and is a phenomenal mental health advocate.
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Common Myths About Online Counseling Debunked

If you are considering online therapy, I encourage you to research the advantages of it.

Anxious People Are Actually Highly Intuitive

Anxiety and intuition are interconnected. Read more to find out how.


I started a hashtag on Twitter - #OverThinkersAnonymous.

Atypical Depression -#YouMightHaveDepressionIf

Here are some ways that depression impacts people that often go unacknowledged.

Sometimes I don't want to talk about my problems

For an over-analyzer like me, it's imperative that I have the tools to turn off that portion of my brain like a light switch.
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How Anxiety Impacts Relationships

Anxiety impacts my interpersonal relationships.
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Let's Talk about Domestic Violence

Domestic violence (DV) is a pattern of behaviors aimed at gaining control and power over another.
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Depression and Anxiety: Two Sides to a Coin

There are many ways to combat depression when you've run out of steam from anxiety, but the most important thing to remember is that you are NOT alone.

Proactive Ways to Deal with Depression

Living with clinical depression can feel exhausting. I know firsthand how hard depression hits people, and I can empathize with this feeling of exhaustion and hopelessness.
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The Silent Church Failed Me When I Was Suicidal

The stigma surrounding mental illness, especially in Christian communities, keeps people locked in prisons of shame, refusing to admit that they need help.

13 Reasons Why You Should Watch 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why is a series that candidly discusses bullying, teen suicide, sexual assault, and illuminates what it's like to be a teenager in this technology-centric generation.

How to Help Your Depressed Friend

Depression is hard, but you can support a friend through it.

#WorkWithToday, A Real Mental Health Movement

#WorkWithToday is a reminder that all we can do is be in this moment. There is no tomorrow, there is no yesterday, there is only today and this minute.

I'm a Dietitian Who Lost 60 Lbs. In 6 Months

Losing 60 lbs started me on what will be a lifelong journey to becoming a stronger, more comprehensive, and more empathetic dietitian.

Win The War With Your Mind

Gabe Berman talks about winning the war with your mind. He believes that upon knowing what is real and true about the nature of reality and our minds, we can live fuller lives.

It Starts With You

This webinar will be perfect to help you understand that recovery is a process that is entirely possible and, with the right steps, support, and patience, recovery is inevitable. ​

#ADHDProbs- I Have ADHD and It Impacts My Relationships

Trust me when I tell you, I don't want to interrupt you. Believe me when I say I want to support you and hear your story.


Do you live with social anxiety too? I want to hear about your experience. Use #SocialAnxietyIsRealAF on Twitter.
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Have you ever changed from one psych med to another? Please tell me about it on Twitter by using #ShoutOutYourMedChange.
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The Brutal Truth About the Law of Attraction

Don't let anyone tell you that you attracted negative things into your life. You are the master of your destiny and that is the real law of attraction.

YOU are not your illness

We cannot define ourselves by our symptoms because we are more than broken or neuroatypical brains.
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Setting Boundaries and Saying No #AnxiousHomies

You got this, and I believe in your ability to say "I can't right now" because that means you are truly taking care of yourself. To all my #AnxiousHomies out there: say "no."
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I'm a Client and a Clinician

There are times I don’t have answers for clients, and when that happens, I don’t fabricate, nor do I allow anxiety to convince me I’m stupid for not having one.
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My Depression Needs a Dog, But I Can't Pay

It's the same pain, the same disappointment and heartbreak that I can't afford a dog.

Anxiety En Route to Orlando

I thought, what better place to go than Orlando, Florida. There are so many attractions and fun things to do for kids.
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Please join us by using the hashtag on Twitter #ThisIsWhatAnxietyFeelsLike.