Feeling Sad is a Normal Part of Life

Depression is a mental illness that affects the way we think, feel and behavior on a persistent chronic basis. Essentially, depression is when you feel sad about everything.

Loneliness Can Be a Sign of Depression or Something Else

Don't ignore feeling lonely, it could be something dangerous
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My Therapist Gave Me an MMPI and It Made Me Cry

The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) is a psychological test that assesses various different personality traits. It's over 500 questions, and my therapist asked m
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Opposites Can Attract or Repel

We've heard the expression "opposites attract," and this is true to a certain extent. We can be attracted to the qualities that we lack.
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I Was Misdiagnosed With Bipolar Disorder

I was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder and it helped me to find out what mental health issues I actually had.
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Can Online Therapy Help Survivors?

Online therapy can help many people, but can it help survivors of domestic violence or sexual abuse?

"Schizophrenic.NYC" is Changing Lives

Michelle Hammer was the focus of video made by WebMD where they told her story and encouraged others to tell theirs.
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Hope is the Key to Getting Better

Getting better is a process, so remind yourself of that if you get frustrated on that road. Keep going and keep hoping things will get better.
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Can a Client Control a Therapy Session?

CCT focuses on the client guiding the session.
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Five Things That Help When You're Depressed

Here are five things that can you can do to help you when you are depressed.
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Having Anxiety About Having Anxiety

Having anxiety about having another panic attack is a perfect example of having anxiety about having anxiety.
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Getting to Know New People

Getting to know a new person can be daunting. You want to make a new lasting connection but maybe you're afraid. The standard "get to know you questions" might seem cliche.
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Could You Be in a Relationship With Yourself?

If it were possible to date yourself, would you?

How Much Would You Pay to Save Your Marriage?

If you're having trouble in your relationship with your partner, you might consider couple's counseling.
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Change Your Actions With Behavioral Activation

Behavioral Activation is a short-term form of therapy that teaches you to monitor your behavior and help you form better habits.
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It's Your Clinician's Job to Deal With Your Anxiety

Anxiety doesn't care that it is consistently following up with my treatment team.
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The Love Languages in Marriage

Everyone expresses love in a different way
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Don't Let Paranoia Win

Here are three concrete ways to stop paranoia from "winning" in a contest between it and your mind.
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What Makes a Good Psychiatrist

Don't give up! You can find a psychiatrist that you click with.
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Do You Have a Psychiatrist or a Therapist or BOTH?

What works for you to treat your mental health issues?
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Bipolar Disorder Can Be Mistaken For Two Things

The symptoms of bipolar type II mirror other mental health conditions.
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Writing Through It

Seeing my feelings on paper illuminated something for me that I didn't know: what I was feeling.

Do People Change?

Do you think that people can change? I've thought about this a lot. Can we as human beings change who we are over time?
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When Talking to Strangers Works

Sometimes it's helpful to speak to impartial individuals to get the help that you need.

Numbness after Depression is Common

For me, it's common to feel a sense of emptiness after I experience a depressive episode.
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Why Am I Angry?

Here are some things that trigger my anger; maybe you can relate to them.
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Therapy is Expensive

There are affordable therapists out there, but they are extremely hard to find.
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Anonymous Chat Rooms Can Help People Open Up

There is a sense of freedom in an anonymous chat room.

Hush - A Poetic Journey About Mental Illness

Nicole Lyons writes beautiful words and is a phenomenal mental health advocate.
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Common Myths About Online Counseling Debunked

If you are considering online therapy, I encourage you to research the advantages of it.