5 Steps from Fear to Freedom

The journey from fear to freedom, which is all about coming into right relationship with uncertainty, is a predictable journey, one that many have traveled before you and many will travel after you.

Women, Please Stop Shaming Men

Have conversations with the boys and men in our lives to let them know our love and acceptance is not conditional upon their strength.

What Drives You to Help Others?

Something within us doesn’t feel good enough or worthy enough unless we’re devoted to helping others. We don’t believe that we’re good, valuable, or worthy, not because of any external action but because we have within us a spark of the Divine which makes us inherently worthy. So we go out and help people.

7 Stories to Make You Believe in Miracles

The world is more mysterious than scientists can explain. It's filled with awe and wonder. Lissa shares stories that will help you believe in miracles.

A Lesson In Empathy

Seeing the world through another's eyes allows you to open your heart to others.

Are You A Cognitive Validator

If you’re a cognitive validator, you can’t validate the soul with cognition. You can validate cognition with the soul, but not the opposite. We must use the cognitive mind as a servant of the soul rather than the soul being okayed by the cognitive mind.

10 Tips For Receiving Criticism with Grace

No matter how criticism is delivered, the ego hates to be criticized. It likes to respond to criticism with defensiveness, anger, or self-flagellation. But if you’re able to receive criticism as your Inner Pilot Light, rather than as your ego, there are ways to let criticism help you.

How To Keep Your Heart Open When You’re Angry

Do you find that it’s easy to open your heart with those who leave you feeling safe? The test comes when you keep your heart open when it heart feels threatened.

Are You Addicted to Being Busy?

Lissa shares how we often hide behind our busyness, and what we can do to care for and feed our spirit more so we’re not so inclined to fill the void with busyness.

I Beg You to Quit Pretending

Show us your imperfections. I dare you.

A Radical Way To Grow Spiritually In A Relationship

Evolutionary relationship need not be about romance or sex at all.

Can You Love What You Don’t Know?

Making Peace With Unknowing

A Feminine Way To Manifest Your Dreams – Part 1

Like any good doctor, I was indoctrinated early on in the masculine way.

A Vision to Heal Health Care

The vision I now hold in my mind of a healed health care system is crystal clear. In a healed health care system, the healer-patient relationship is the diamond at the core of health care. Everything else is in service to the healer-patient relationship.

Aligning Your Desires With The Highest Good – Part 2

All Desires Aren’t Created Equal

When Your Greatest Fear Is Boredom

I remember, when I was in medical school, telling people I’d probably grow bored with medicine in ten years and wind up going to law school. I figured, after ten years of practicing law, I’d maybe take up journalism or work for a publishing company.

The Whole Health Cairn: A Radical New Wellness Model

As a physician, I’ve been exposed to a variety of wellness models, most of them pie charts and pyramids detailing what it takes to be optimally healthy – a nutritious diet, an exercise regimen, enough sleep – you catch my drift.

Less Sperm, More Egg: Martha Beck's Four Technologies

Understanding Martha Beck's four technologies of magic.
The Nocebo Effect: Negative Thoughts Can Harm Your Health

The Nocebo Effect: Negative Thoughts Can Harm Your Health

The placebo effect has a shadow side: The same mind-body power that can heal you can also harm you.

8 Ways Overcoming Fear Can Improve Your Health

When you tap into your faith and find your courage, you’re likely to still feel fear, but you’ll no longer be ruled by it.

Why Many Patients Feel So Icky After Hospitalization

In many of my blog posts, I’ve been suggesting that the only way we’re going to heal health care is to reclaim medicine’s heart and bring love back to the healing process. So I agree with Leape. Disrespect simply isn’t loving – and it runs rampant in hospital cultures.

The Communication Cure

According to my friend and fellow Hay House author Dr. Neha Sangwan, breakdowns in communication lie at the root of many illnesses.

Why Engaging in Work You Love Could Save Your Life

You probably know that having a toxic job that stresses you out and sucks the soul out of you isn’t exactly good for you. Anyone who has ever gotten a migraine after a deal went bad or stiff shoulders after the boss criticized him can attest to that. But did you realize that work stress can actually kill you?

How to Transform Stress Into Relaxation

When things don’t go the way we plan, we can easily spin into a series of unnecessary and unproductive stress responses—or we can be proactive and choose to abort the thoughts that poison our bodies and turn off our innate self-healing processes.

How to Set Health Goals and Surrender Attachment to Outcomes

Why some get sick while others stay healthy.

The Vulnerability of Exposing Your Dark Side

To expose our wounds to people we care about—the icky stuff, the ego stuff, the personal growth edges we’re working on that we haven’t yet mastered—is super vulnerable.

How to Set Health Goals and Surrender Attachment to Outcomes

I always encourage my clients to set goals, do everything they can to achieve those goals, and then let go…

Mammography: Saving Lives or Overdiagnosis Overkill?

In my research, I’ve uncovered shocking data about breast cancer screening that I’ll share with you in this post.

The Critical Thing Your Doctor Needs to Know

In my patient intake form, I started asking my patients questions most doctors don’t ask.