Do Vitamins Cause Autism?

Most striking were the 21 mothers who had “excess” levels of both vitamins. In this group, 10 had children who were diagnosed with autism. In other words, almost one-half.

I Am a Thin Person in an Obese Body. Not.

Climbing out of the quicksand of slow metabolism.

Marijuana for Chronic Pain

The historians tell us that, as early as 5,000 years ago, Chinese texts documented the medicinal benefits of Cannabis sativa extracts unrelated to its psychoactive properties.

Mindfulness and Depression

Patients receiving MBCT had a significantly reduced risk of depressive relapse within a 60-week follow-up period compared with those who received usual care.

Of High Colonics and Ejaculation

The publication provides greater detail on a finding presented at a meeting last year: that men might be able to lower their risk for prostate cancer by ejaculating frequently.

The Health Dangers of Daylight Saving Time

Actually, this is not so surprising: prior studies have shown that disruptions in an individual’s internal body clock increase the risk of cardiovascular events.

Like Penis Size, Hands Do Matter

It has been reported that the length of a man’s ring finger is a fairly accurate indicator of his organ size.

Mindfulness and Chronic Pain

As patients practiced mindfulness meditation and tried to stay more focused on the present moment, participants found they experienced less pain.They also saw short-term benefits.

Worshipping Ancestors, Resenting Parents

In fact, one in two Chinese-American adults experience symptoms of depression and anxiety as a result of caring for elderly parents, according to a report on filial piety.

Haunted by the Demon of Maladaptive Psychophysical Habits

Most of us are not as completely aware of our Self as we interact with, and attempt to impact, the world beyond our skin.

The Sexual Call of the Holidays

Grindr, an app for gay men, had a 15% rise in activity on Thanksgiving and usually experiences a 30% to 50% increase on Dec. 25, according to an article on ""

Holiday Fat Facts

One study showed that the period between mid-November and early January was the main time period during which significant weight gain occurred for the year.

Like Chocolate for Immortality

But now, two great American institutions, Harvard University and Mars, Inc., are—unintentionally, I assume-- embarking on discovering a medical raison d'être for chocolate lovers.

The Ozone Layer in Your Knee

Ozone may reduce the immediacy of the need for joint replacement, with patients lined up to be pumped up with ozone at the local rheumatology clinic.

If It Ain’t One Thing

The results of a Kaiser Family Foundation poll was made public a couple of days ago, and it shows that 27 percent of Americans report that they either have been addicted to prescription painkillers, or have a family member or close friend who has dealt with this issue.

Blowing the Bugles for Buccal Buprenorphine

Belbuca. It is indicated for the treatment of chronic pain severe enough to require daily, around-the-clock, long-term opioid treatment, in the patient for whom alternative treatment options are inadequate.

Whither the Weathering of Wuthering Weather

Autumn has begun, the days are shorter, the leaves taking a more prominent place outside the front door. The thought of winter’s approach crosses the mind; and for some of us, the specter of more musculoskeletal pain begins its yearly haunting. But should we believe in the ghosts of chronic pain?

The Obese and the Impulsive

It is important to identify early risk factors for adolescent weight gain that could potentially be targeted in future weight gain prevention programs, as pediatric obesity and weight gain are risk factors for adult obesity and associated complications.

Childhood's End.........of Chronic Pain

Like fibromyalgia in adults, childhood fibromyalgia is a very intensely painful condition, affecting anywhere from 2% to 6% of the population. As it is in adults, it is a chronic pain condition in children. But, instead of medications, the symptoms can be treated with physical and occupational therapy and counseling. Children become well; pain does not become chronic.

It’s Not Your Mother’s Aspirin

Of course, there are concerns surrounding the worried not-so-well: those individuals who live off of chocolate chip cookies, who consider bending over to pick up the morning newspaper their exercise for the day, and who will now think that taking an aspirin a day bestows immortality.

The GPS Approach to Chronic Pain

It would seem that chronic pain that is experienced as a noxious physical stimulant, and is often hand-in-hand with symptoms whose origin lie in the emotional and cognitive parts of the human being, is fueled by neural links between the somatosensory part of the brain and those parts that process and express emotional and cognitive brain outputs.

Dying From Pain Relief

That is, when it comes to depression, NSAIDs might not be helpful, their mechanism of action is not yet fully explained, and, really, most would agree that being diagnosed with a heart attack or stroke would most likely not result in less depression in an already depressed individual.

No, You Don’t Have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

SEID should not be relegated to the misfit land with those other “diagnoses of exclusion,” but should instead, ideally, be viewed as a diagnosis that is actively made. Maybe the SEID patient will now not only start to be diagnosed, but also heard.

Ashley Graham's Curves versus James Brown's Moves

We, men and women, boys and girls, should not feel compelled to strive for perfection, but we should care about our bodies. My concern is that the embracing of curves will be a substitute for taking care of oneself, for fighting the sedentary life that seems to envelop so many of us, and for not giving up on the effort it takes to exercise.

A Choice Between Chronic Pain and Dementia?

Dementia is a much-feared condition. Patients want to know what medications that might increase the risk of this condition should be avoided.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Versus Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

Whether one is considering CFS, ME, or CFS/ME, the challenges seem daunting, whether it be in the diagnosis or the treatment of these conditions. These challenges seem beyond daunting when one stops to consider that we are still waiting, in 2015, for the right name for the CFS/ME phenomenon.

Implanting Weight Loss

How times have changed. Some 40 years ago we watched a couple of prime time television shows about a bionic man and woman. The devices built into those television heroes allowed for super-human running speeds and the ability to jump heights unheard of. Today, we have different goals for our bionic men and women: Maybe one less pancake, one less bag of chips.

Inheriting Suicide

According to the current psychiatric literature, adoption, twin, and family studies have established that suicidal behavior is familial. Disturbingly, what is passed down from generation to generation is suicide or suicide attempts, and not just suicidal ideation. Photo: Google.

Smiling Again with Laughing Gas

And so, maybe it is time to look at what we already have: Although ketamine has gained interest in recent years as a rapidly acting potential therapy for treatment refractory depression, researchers say an even better option may lie in another well-known agent with a similar mechanism of action ― nitrous oxide, better known as laughing gas. (Image from Google.)

High Definition Dupe

We supposedly know how full of misinformation the internet can be. But is it time to turn a jaundiced eye away from Dr. Oz? Are we being snookered in HD?