Over the nearly two years that I’ve been a contributing writer for Psychology Today I’ve written about many issues and experiences related to my assigned topic of overcoming child abuse. I’ve tried to examine, to teach, and to share. I’ve approached the subject from the vantage points of individuals, couples, families, churches, and society, always fueled by an internal dedication to the well-being of children and the healing of abuse survivors. Because we PT bloggers get a count of hits to our blogs and because theUK print of my memoir became a bestseller, I’ve learned from personal experience how awesome the power of the media can be – but that power is there for both good and for bad.

This week’s cover of Time saddens me; it’s depressing. That four-year-old boy does not belong there. I can hardly bear to look at him. He’s being exploited, and his relationship with his mother is being sensationalized. I’m deeply disappointed in the magazine, in the photographer, and in the boy’s mother, who is appalling – standing there straight up and having him stand on a chair and suck on her nipple. What is nurturing about that? It feels more like exhibitionism to me. I recoil from the magazine, don’t care about the article, and don’t want to see more photos of mothers nursing children. I’m not interested in their challenge, nor am I interested in learning more about what Bill Sears has to say. For me, all have lost credibility immediately.

In my opinion all good parenting is attachment parenting, but I’m not talking about their brand. I’ll describe what I mean, and it’s relevance to overcoming child abuse, in a future blog. As for now, I need some sleep so that I can enjoy Mother’s Day tomorrow.

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