Media Coverage of Sexual Assault Triggering Your Symptoms?

Are You a Survivor of Sexual Trauma? Has Extensive Media Coverage of Sexual Assault and Abuse Stirred Up Anguish From Your Past? Here's How You Can Take Care of Yourself
Catherine McCall

How to Survive the New Order

Are you a survivor of sexual abuse who's having a tough time with the new administration? Here's a primer for you.

Feeling Victimized by Presidential Campaign Updates?

Has the pain of your experiences as a sexual abuse survivor been re-activated by national news? Here are 7 suggestions to promote your well-being
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Where Have All the Lifeguards Gone?

Do you need some extra support in your child abuse recovery process?

Just Get Over it and Move On!

Are you a survivor of childhood sexual abuse or in a relationship with someone who is? Why are sentences like "Just get over it" the wrong thing to say?

Are You a Survivor of Sexual Assault and Afraid of Flying?

12 Air travel tips for sexual assault survivors who are afraid of flying

The Potty-Mouthed Princesses Videos

Apparently the "Potty-Mouthed Princesses F-Bombs for Feminism" videos have received a million-and-a -half hits on the internet, and are causing quite a stir. Here's how one family therapist who is also a mother and grandmother of girls feels about them.

Bill Cosby, UVA, Penn State, Catholic Clergy, and Beyond

We have been deluged with news reports about sexual assault allegations regarding Bill Cosby this week, and at the same time reports of the mishandling of brutal rape at UVA have been emerging. RAINN reports a 50% increase in calls to its sexual assault hotline as a result of these topics in the media. How can all of this help survivors of childhood sexual abuse?

Consider the Impact of Domestic Violence on Children

Children are deeply impacted by witnessing domestic violence in their homes.

Build a Better Family Than the Abusive One You Grew Up In

Despite their determination to never treat their own children the way they were treated, one out of three adults who were abused as children will grow up to abuse their own. What factors help the others to break the cycle of abuse and raise children in a healthy home environment?

Are There Ever Good Reasons Not to Tell?

Need to talk about your experience of having been sexually abused? What qualities do you need in a personal relationship in order to be able to trust a person with your secret?

Childhood Sexual Abuse: To Tell or Not to Tell?

Though children who are sexually abused are most often told that they must never tell, telling is an important part of healing. Here are 10 reasons why telling is transformative.

Homeland Security for Kids

There are many kinds of terrorists around the world, but the abused child is often bound by the moods and behavior of a predator at home, from whom there is no escape. It takes a community to rescue and to protect a child. Here are 12 community projects designed to intervene, to promote awareness, to touch the heart, and to give hope. Let them inspire you toward action.

10 Reasons Why Parents Don't Discuss Child Sexual Abuse

Are you a parent who is struggling with whether or not to teach your child about child sexual abuse? Would you like some guidance concerning appropriate age? When and how do you begin? This blog will offer some food for thought...and for action.

15 out of 16 Rapists Go Free

News of Robert Richards IV being exempt from jail time after being convicted of raping his 3-yrear-old daughter shocked many. This month is National Child Abuse Prevention and National Sexual Assault Awareness Month. What is your personal response?

A Cybersex Addiction Primer for Parents and Grandparents

What parents and grandparents need to know about cyber-sex addiction in order to protect the children in their lives from the very real modern-day threat of Internet sexual exploitation and development of an addiction to Internet pornography.

A Tribute to Sex Addicts Who Were Abused as Children

Why should we care about sex addicts?

Gifts That Can Help Parents Parent Their Children

Children are wonderful, but parenting can be hard work. This year give your favorite parents gifts that will help them to become better parents, enjoy their children more, and take heart.

The Church and Its Pedophiles

The time has come to expose the horror of missionaries abusing children, to hold the perpetrators accountable, and to support survivors in their quest for healing.

Writing Heals Wounds of Child Abuse, Part Two

Acclaimed authors can inspire us to believe in the healing power of writing.

How and Why Writing Heals Wounds of Child Abuse

Read about how writing both helps to heal the wounds of child abuse and also promotes physical health.

Sexual Abuse and Healing in a Cultural Context

No thank you, Newsweek. Couldn't you have used something wholesome yet enticing? We're already choking on the garbage of the culture.

Healing the Sexual Wounds of Sexual Abuse Survivors

Join me with noted sex therapist and author of "The Sexual Healing Journey" as she discusses guidelines for survivors of sexual abuse and their intimate partners.

Why and How to Report Suspected Child Abuse

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports that five children in our country die every day from child abuse and neglect.