The Winchester Mystery House and Other Haunted Places

Ghosts seem to have very specific preferences for where they take up residence-–why?

Why Men Will Always Be More Disgusting Than Women

It can be very liberating to be the most disgusting person in the room.

The Freudian Symbolism in Your Dreams

Do dreams mean anything? Psychologists are genuinely divided over the function and meaning of dreaming, but psychoanalysts believe that they are a window into the unconscious.

Why There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays

Home can be a slippery concept. But psychologists have long understood that it plays a huge role in self-identity and emotional well-being.

How the God You Worship Influences the Ghosts You See

While religion may ease our terror of death, it may also increase our chances of being haunted by ghosts and other spirits during our lifetime.

The Role of Creepy Characters in Popular Culture

Watching disturbing people onscreen in the safety of a movie theater or in our living room may provide an opportunity for learning vicariously from the mistakes of others.

Creepy Halloween Destinations

There are a lot of creepy places in the world - and every one of them has a story.

A Reflection on Creepy Mustaches and Creepy Hobbies

How you spend your leisure time may signal how uncomfortable others expect to be when they interact with you; in other words, your hobbies can be a way of flaunting creepiness.

What Is the Right Size for a Group Conversation?

Why do we have to decrease the number of people involved in a conversation when we are gossiping about someone else?

4 Subtle, Underestimated Signs of Female Beauty

It is no secret that when it comes to physical beauty, women are held to higher standards than are men; here are a few of the subtle things that seem to matter a lot.

How to Avoid Creeping Women Out

When it comes to looking like a creep, the bar is set a lot lower for men. Here's why, along with some advice.

A Reflection on Near Death Experiences

How better to resolve the ambiguity surrounding death than by looking to those individuals who have apparently crossed over and then returned to us?

The Ambience of a Restaurant Controls What We Eat and Drink

Serving tasty food doesn’t do a restaurant much good if customers don’t stay long enough – or never even walk through the door in the first place. How do restaurants entice us?

Communicating With the Dead: Mediums, Séances, Ouija Boards

There has long been a keen interest in finding a way to communicate with the dead. How better to manage our own uncertainty about life in the hereafter?

Controlling the Conduct of College Women in the 1960s

Rules regulating the freedoms of college women were absolutely draconian in 1962. In hindsight, the unabashed double standards of collegiate social regulations were jaw dropping.

Getting Over Rover: Why the Loss of a Dog Can Be Devastating

Those of us who have loved a dog know the truth: Your pet is never "just a dog," which explains why we miss them so much when they pass away.

The Creepiness of Japan's "Suicide Forest"

Folklore has it that the spirits of people who have killed themselves in the forest call others who are sad to the place and then lure them deep into the woods.

Haunted Houses: What Keeps the Legends Alive?

Whether a place seems truly haunted can very much be in the mind of the beholder.

The Perils of Social Isolation

When we experience social isolation, the lack of emotional support and comradeship can increase our anxiety and hinder our ability to cope with unusual sensory information.

Why Clowns Creep Us Out

Clowns are mischievous and unpredictable, and are associated with serial killers in real life and in the movies. In other words, clowns are designed to creep us out.

Why It Can Be So Hard to Stay Happy

Can being too content actually be bad for you?

Why It Is So Easy to Hate Each Other

One of the oldest and most pernicious of human qualities is the ease with which we put people into categories.

Is It Possible to Invest Equally in All of Your Children?

Anyone with more than one child knows the balancing act of trying to treat your kids the same. Is it wasted effort?

The Surprising Factor That Can Predict Your Life Span

If you are an attractive non-smoking woman who feels good and thinks quickly, your future looks bright.

Why Some People Creep Us Out So Much

Here's why certain behaviors creep us out.

Who Does What on Facebook?

Ever wonder what other people are actually doing when they look at your Facebook page? Here are some glimpses into who does what on Facebook.

Who are the Creepiest Celebrities?

Celebrities dominate the media and they are people that we all share in common. However, some of them come across as creepier than others. Why?

Gossip is a Social Skill - Not a Character Flaw

Like it or not, we are the descendants of busybodies, and evolutionary psychologists believe that our preoccupation with the lives of others is a byproduct of a prehistoric brain.

The Psychology of Going to War

War is a male activity; organized fighting and killing by groups of women has simply not existed anywhere, ever. Does war really boil down to guys trying to "get the girl?"

If You Give a Man a Gun: Men, Evolution, & Mass Shootings

A lack of attention from others results in a lack of status, resulting in a lack of access to women. Combined with a young man’s testosterone, it creates a toxic, combustible mix.