3 Ways to Well-Being

We can find happiness through changing the way we live, changing the way we think, and experiencing the natural happiness of being itself.

Does Happiness Lie Within?

Consciousness has a natural quality of well-being which we tap into when our minds are quiet and empty

The Possibility of an Afterlife

Is it possible for atheists to believe in life after death? There are some rational reasons why the possibility of some form of 'after-consciousness' shouldn't be rejected out of hand.

Happiness Comes from Giving, Not Buying and Having

If you really want to be happier, don’t focus on earning more money and buying more material goods - be more generous, and give more away.

Dogmatic and Spiritual Religion

How can religion generate both savagery and nobility? How can the principles of religious faith be used to justify terrorism, and at other times encourage acts of great altruism and justice? This only makes sense if we distinguish two fundamentally different types of religion.

How Valid Is Evolutionary Psychology?

How valid are the assumptions evolutionary psychologists make about prehistoric human life, and about 'human nature'? Perhaps evolutionary psychology is appealing because it offers a simple explanation of a wide variety of human behaviors, and because its narrative of competitiveness and individualism fits with the values of our culture.

Touching the Earth Again

What can we learn from Indian Americans' attitude to nature? Why were they so shocked by European-Americans' treatment of the natural world? And what was the fundamental psychological difference which generated such a different outlook?

Transpersonal Purpose

What are the different kinds of purpose we can experience in our lives? And what happens we no longer have a purpose, but become a purpose?

A Sense of Purpose Means a Longer Life

A strong sense of purpose can extend our life span, as well as increase our well-being. Rather than stopping us from living in the present, it can actually enhance the present, by making us more connected, more energetic and more appreciative.

The Puzzle of Consciousness

In order to explain consciousness, perhaps we need to think outside the box - that is, outside the brain.

The Puzzle of Near-Death Experiences

Are near-death experiences just hallucinations caused by unusual brain activity, or do they hint at something more mysterious?

If Women Ruled the World

A harmonious and egalitarian society may not be an impossible dream.

On Surviving a Car Crash

After surviving a car crash, I feel incredibly fortunate to be healthy and alive. There seems to be an enhanced freshness and ‘is-ness’ to everything I see. Why does appreciation have such a powerful positive effect? Why is it the most important factor in overall well-being?

The Psychology of Terrorism

What Makes Young Men Prepared To Kill for a Cause?

Appreciation Experiences

What happens when we stop taking the "goods" of our life for granted? What happens when we suddenly realise how lucky we are? And why can't we keep hold of this appreciation?

How Self-Sufficient Are You?

What is Self-Sufficiency in a psychological sense? Is it an important factor in well-being? Help me find out by filling out this short questionnaire.

Are You Ready to Forgive?

Resentment drains us of our energy and well-being. We may feel that it's a way of punishing the person who has wronged us, but it usually only serves to punish ourselves further. Letting go of resentment through forgiveness can be a liberating process which transforms our lives.

The Power of Appreciation

Research shows that gratitude is the most important and effective constituent of well-being. So why do we find it difficult to appreciate the good things in our lives? And how can we transcend the "taking for granted syndrome"?

Beyond CBT: The Power of Not Thinking at All

Changing the way we think is a major step toward well-being, but an even greater step is to go beyond thought altogether.

Ecocide: The Psychology of Environmental Destruction

What are the psychological causes of environmental damage? Why is the human race in danger of destroying the Earth's eco-systems beyond repair?

Happiness Is Green-Colored

Why Are Gardeners Significantly Happier than Normal?

From Psychology to Parapsychology

Are psychologists right to be skeptical about ESP?

Do Psychic Phenomena Exist?

There are some good reasons for being open to the idea that telepathy and pre-cognition may genuinely exist

The Problem with Leaders

Why every leader and high-level manager should take an empathy test—and why most of them would fail

Sport and the Decline of War

Is the increasing popularity of sport over the last 70 years one of the main reasons why warfare and conflict have decreased so significantly?

The Psychology of War

What are the psychological causes of warfare? And why has war become less frequent and less deadly in recent decades?

Why Men Don't Like Shopping and (Most) Women Do

Men and women's different attitudes to shopping are a remnant of human beings' hunting and gathering past.

The Psychology of Death

Becoming aware of our own mortality can be a liberating and awakening experience, which can – paradoxically, it might seem – help us to live authentically and fully.

The Secret of Success: Relax and Do Nothing

Our society has the wrong attitude to ‘doing nothing’. We should stop seeing relaxation and inactivity as wasteful and lazy, and begin to see them as essential – not only for our well-being, but for our creativity and even our productivity.

When Seconds Turn Into Minutes

It's extremely common for accidents and other moments of sudden shock to bring an extreme slowing down of time. Is this an evolutionary adaptation, or simply what happens when we shift into a different mode of consciousness?