Stuttering and the Power of Suggestion

Is a stutter really 'debilitating'? A look at how stereotypes affect us and what can we do to lessen their impact.

Tongue-Tied: The Cost Of Silence

What Orange Is The New Black and Humans of New York teach us about the sadness of choosing to be silent.

Funny Business

Does humor create or destroy intimacy?
Marc Wathieu

Honest Speech

What does it mean to speak for yourself?
Breaking 5 Stuttering Myths

Breaking 5 Stuttering Myths

What are the links between communication, leadership, innovation and stuttering?

Owning Your Own Story

How bringing our vulnerabilities into the spotlight and telling our stories creates a potent connection with our listener that makes all of us feel a little less alone.

American Hustle and the Art of Reinvention

With 2014 freshly started and resolutions freshly made, the movie American Hustle shows us the necessity of buying into the narratives that we create for our lives.
The Gift of Listening

The Gift of Listening

When was the last time you truly listened to someone?

United by Difference

Andrew Solomon’s affecting book, Far From The Tree, proves that a finding and nourishing a shared identity can be the cornerstone of our liberation.
Parenting a Stranger

Parenting a Stranger

In Far From The Tree, Andrew Solomon teaches us about the heroic capacity for love that remains in families who contain vast differences.

How Channel 4’s Educating Yorkshire Educated Us All

Musharaf Asghar has an acute stutter. He also has a sharp sense of humor and a seemingly boundless amount of courage. Most importantly perhaps, he has thrived in a compassionate school that exalts his triumphs.

How David and Goliath Redefines the Underdog

How we can use whatever limitations we have and work within their strengths.
Stuttering and the Resilient Sense of Self

Stuttering and the Resilient Sense of Self

How increasing your resilience you can help you to handle adversity with grace.

Stuttering and the Power of Powerless Communication

Why stutterers often end up being successful and how expressing vulnerability makes us more influential.
Reimagining the Role of Godparent

Reimagining the Role of Godparent

What folk lore, popular culture and our own experiences teach us about the guidelines for god-parenting.
Whispered Words of Patience

Whispered Words of Patience

How a workshop on whispering leads to an exploration of all the complexities and benefits of patience.

Owning the Voice You Have

The unique power of a different kind of speech.