Ambiguity at Work: Friend, Foe, or a Bit of Both?

Chasing creativity in the workplace –– what's ambiguity got to do with it?

Seeing the Creative Value in a New Good Idea Isn't Easy

What helps us to recognize good novel ideas?

What's Your Innovation Mindset?

Is your perspective on creativity lifting you up––or weighing you down?

Finding (and Making) Sweet Spots in Your Creative Process

Where's your sweet spot for coming up with good ideas?

How Do We Read Emotions in Robots?

In time of need, will you let a robot help you? A new study examines this.

Creativity—what's Curiosity Got to Do with It?

Are inquiring minds creative minds?

When Emotion Meets Thinking

Can we be sad and creative too?

How to Bolster Your Experience of Creative Flow

Are you recognizing what really energizes your creative making?

Speeding Up Your Creativity by Slowing Down

New research on making creative headway through attentive looking

The Underrecognized Inspirational Value of Persistence

How long should you stick with searching for ideas – and why?

Seeking Idea Sparks

What helps us as inspiration seekers?

Creative Thinking in Action

What objects or "things" could you bring into play, to help you reach a fresh new view of what's possible?

Deadlines and the Pacing of Creative Projects

What pacing best gives your creative process the space and freedom it needs?

How New Ideas Are Presented May Influence Creativity

What things invite us to come forward to speak and share new ideas?

Of Puppies, Play, and the Pursuit of Creative Insights

Awakening our creativity with a few simple words

Play, Newness, and You

What leads us to try new things?

A Gripping Tale: Abstraction as Our Friend (and Foe!)

In striving to be as creative as possible, we can find ourselves in an ongoing tug-of-war with abstraction.

How You Think of Creativity Matters!

Are you too fixed in your beliefs about creativity?

Experience-Based How-To's for Creativity

Getting creative – There’s nothing like drawing on experience!

Corner Flags, Constraints, and Creativity

Sometimes what we see as blocking our way can be just what we need to creatively guide us forward

Unveiling an Underappreciated Key to Creativity

Flexing our creative muscles — by detail stepping

When to Go and When to Stay?

When should we go with the tried and true, and when should we reach out for something new?

Being Creative About Staying Creative

Keeping an open mind about — and asking more from — brain training

Brains, Bridges, and Creativity Boosts

How to “warm-up” your dynamically creative brain

Inside Creativity

How do we (really) keep our creative momentum?

Keep Moving

How can our thinking/working spaces be made more creativity-friendly?