On Religion, Sanders and Clinton Differ Sharply

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have many differences, but few are more prominent that the religious contrast.

Political Discourse is Getting Dangerously Anti-Intellectual

It's not a good sign that image and emotion dominate American politics. Critical analysis and serious substantive discussion are sadly lacking.

In Wake of French Terror, Maybe Pastafarians Aren't So Crazy

As the world mourns the tragedy in Paris, the relevance and importance of religious criticism become more apparent.

Should Schools Be Teaching American Exceptionalism?

Teaching good citizenship is one thing, but should schools be teaching our kids that America is superior to the rest of the world?

Should We Make Doctors Disclose Religious Bias?

Should your medical provider's religious beliefs dictate the care you receive?

How to Pray for an Atheist

Nonbelievers don't want prayers, but they often get them anyway. What's the etiquette of unsolicited prayers? And is it changing as the nonreligious demographic grows?

The Tragedy of Southern Cultural Obsession

Those who would use symbols of the Confederacy to "honor heritage" should think twice about what they are really honoring.

Fighting Back Against Anti-intellectualism

Anti-intellectualism is rampant in America, but we shouldn't rely on intellectuals to eradicate it.

Anti-intellectualism Is Killing America

America's social and political dysfunction is rooted in dangerous pathology: anti-intellectualism.

Why Are Christian Numbers Dropping?

The rise of religiously unaffiliated 'Nones' is sometimes explained as a reaction to the religious right, but there's more to it than that.

Will You Be Openly Secular?

Openly Secular Day aims to encourage nonbelievers to be open about their personal secularity.

Is American Patriotism Getting Out of Hand?

Modern American patriotism is too often hostile, divisive, and uninformed.

No, God Does Not Bless America

Atheists are pushing back against schools defining patriotism with God-belief.

Pledge of Allegiance Has Become a Nightmare for Many Kids

In battles over the "under God" wording of the Pledge of Allegiance, proponents insist that the exercise is entirely voluntary and therefore not discriminatory. But new evidence shows the harsh price that many kids pay for opting out.

Opponents are Reacting to the 'Atheist Lobby'

Anti-atheist billboards in politics, anti-atheist comments from Scalia - can all of this be a sign of progress for the secular movement?

Have You Talked with Your Kids About Pledging Allegiance?

Pledging national loyalty should be seen as a serious act, not to be taken lightly. At a minimum, parents should talk with their kids about the Pledge - its history, what it means, and what it doesn't mean. Kids and others should not make assumptions about those who don't participate in the exercise. In fact, there are numerous reasons for nonparticipation.

Football and Christian Politics in the South

Modest requests for church-state separation, objections to a Christian-infused football program, get a hostile reaction in Georgia.

A Blessing in Disguise for Atheists?

The Supreme Court's ruling on legislative prayer was criticized by atheists and others who want church-state separation, but it may provide an avenue for greater atheist visibility.

Why "Religious Freedom" Has Gotten So Out of Hand

If it seems like "religious freedom" is becoming a more frequent cry in the culture wars, here's why.

Sex Is More Important than Religion

Why does society so quickly brush aside atheist claims of inequality?

Remembering a Legendary Humanist

A. Philip Randolph, a hero of the civil rights movement, is remembered on the 125th anniversary of his birth

Secular-Progressive? You're Probably a Humanist

Did Bill O'Reilly give humanists their best elevator pitch?

Atheism, Meaning, and the Absurdity of It All

Can life have meaning and joy without belief in God? One author talks to 100 atheists to find out.

Making a Mockery of Religious Freedom

The notion that corporations need religious freedom raises a myriad of issues. Can a fictional person have faith? What happens if GM converts to Catholicism?

Merry Times for Atheism

Latest polling shows that atheism continues to grow in America. What is causing this drift toward secularity?

Secularism and Social Justice

Should the secular movement address issues of social and economic justice?

Of Course 'In God We Trust' is Religious

Proponents claim "In God We Trust" signs in public schools are not efforts to promote God-belief, but atheists, agnostics, and humanists see it as yet another attempt to define America in a way that excludes them.

Why Oprah's Anti-Atheist Bias Hurts So Much

By suggesting atheists are incapable of awe, Oprah contributes to an unfair prejudice.

Violence Has Declined, But Is the World Safer?

Even though the probability of violence seems to be lower than ever, is it possible that humans could be more at risk than in any time in history?

Why Should Open Atheism Preclude Elected Office?

Conventional wisdom says that open atheism is political baggage. But why should it be?