What the Occupy Wall Street Protesters Want

What the Occupy Wall Street Protesters Want

Do the Occupy Wall Street protesters agree on an agenda?

Government Neutrality Is Not "Anti-Religion"

Religious conservatives often wrongly see government neutrality as an anti-religion bias.
Disbelief Is Not a Choice

Disbelief Is Not a Choice

The Religious Right knows that our environment affects our inclinations toward belief and disbelief.
Concerns About the Religious Right Are Not Overblown

Concerns About the Religious Right Are Not Overblown

One columnist says fears of the Religious Right are overblown. The facts suggest otherwise.

Is Obama Empathetic to a Fault?

If Obama seems to cave to Republican demands too often, is it because he's too empathetic?

As Religion Fades, Will Atheism Be Enough?

If traditional religion fades, what will replace it? Humanism stands ready.
The Unseen Influence of the Religious Right

The Unseen Influence of the Religious Right

The Religious Right affects policy far beyond the usual social issues and "culture war" battleground. The beneficiary of all this might surprise you.

An atheist out on a ledge: Will he jump?

In The Ledge, an atheist protagonist grapples with morality, life, love and death, breaking new demographic ground for Hollywood.

Is it time to counter religious bullying?

Showing its organization and zeal, the Religious Right is trying to bombard NBC with complaints about running the Pledge of Allegiance without the "under God" wording. This points to the need for a counterbalancing zealous secular demographic.

A great educational tool for Flag Day

A famous pig shows us the pre-McCarthyism Pledge of Allegiance.

How to slap Thomas Jefferson in the face

The Supreme Court has ruled prayers at public school graduations unconstitutional, but that means little to the Religious Right. How they are getting around the law.

How Jay Sekulow lost the culture wars

A legal victory for the Religious Right has unintended consequences - atheist clubs are now booming in high schools.

Should politicians be blessing secular voters?

In today's political and cultural environment, what is a politician really saying when he says, "God bless you" to potential voters? Is he marginalizing secular voters? Or is this another one of those "unimportant" gestures that secular voters should just learn to live with?
Washington's bloody death and the health care debate

Washington's bloody death and the health care debate

From George Washington's deathbed experience, we can contrast the health care systems of yesterday and today. In doing so, it's hard to imagine the framers supporting a health care system that only the wealthy can afford. With the scientific advances that have made health care an extremely high-tech field, access to the system must be seen as a right, not a privilege.
The dark side of vengeance

The dark side of vengeance

The thirst for revenge can be understood in evolutionary, natural terms. From a moral standpoint, however, it's not always admirable. Nevertheless, the conservative religious mindset will often exalt revenge, even violent retribution, as righteous.

Is "Coming Out" a Responsibility?

Pride in identity can be empowering, an antidote to even the most venomous prejudice. But is "coming out" a duty?

Is this how they defend Christian theology today?

Great Christian intellectuals can try to make sense of it all, but at the end of the day can they make any sense?

Proof that religious wording isn't "secular" or "benign"

Religion rarely brings a pluralistic society together. When it's used in the public square, it's much more likely to create division and animosity.

An atheist mom goes to the Supreme Court - and wins

Fighting the system wasn't something typical Midwestern mothers did in post-war America. But Vashti McCollum was no typical mother.

Rebutting more outlandish statements about atheists

Isn't it a bit insulting to tell an atheist that she will rush to God when she's under stress?
What does religious violence say about religion?

What does religious violence say about religion?

For many secular individuals, the existence of God is an unimportant question. The real issue is the claim by traditional religious institutions that God has communicated with ancient men, revealing Absolute Truth for all of humanity to respect and obey.

Misinformation and facts about secularism and religion

No wonder atheists are so disliked! Even smart people are spreading falsehoods like these about them!

What's different about today's student atheists?

Identity politics and religious skepticism are nothing new on college campuses, but we've never seen anything like this before.

Without a Prayer

An atheist father explains his worldview to a young daughter who wants his prayers.
Why Corporations Are Psychotic

Why Corporations Are Psychotic

If corporations are "people," they are mentally ill. How much of our social dysfunction is attributable to their psychosis?

"E Pluribus Unum" becomes controversial

Why is the Religious Right objecting to a motto that was adopted by the framers?

Spitting on Janis Joplin's grave

We've learned to accept commercialism as part of our art and culture. But sometimes it goes too far.

Newt's conversion and reinvention

Newt Gingrich's conversion to Catholicism is an interesting reinvention, and even more so when viewed historically.

Humanist weddings increasingly popular

Young brides and grooms leave family religion behind, opt for Humanist ceremonies that reflect their own beliefs and values.

On being post-theological

A naturalistic view of the human animal's theological inclinations. Is there a post-theological future?