Of Course 'In God We Trust' is Religious

Proponents claim "In God We Trust" signs in public schools are not efforts to promote God-belief, but atheists, agnostics, and humanists see it as yet another attempt to define America in a way that excludes them.

Why Oprah's Anti-Atheist Bias Hurts So Much

By suggesting atheists are incapable of awe, Oprah contributes to an unfair prejudice.

Violence Has Declined, But Is the World Safer?

Even though the probability of violence seems to be lower than ever, is it possible that humans could be more at risk than in any time in history?

Why Should Open Atheism Preclude Elected Office?

Conventional wisdom says that open atheism is political baggage. But why should it be?

Not All Pro Athletes Thank God for the Big Win

Prayers are frequently said in the locker room before the big game, and athletes are often quick to thank God when they win or make a big play, but some athletes aren't afraid to be openly secular.

Blackout Secular Rally: Atheism Makes Minority Inroads

Blackout Secular Rally celebrates secularity in the minority community.

For Atheists-Humanists, a Loss That's a Win

Congress rejected nontheistic chaplains, but the fight shows progress for the secular movement.

Understanding Why God-References Are a Big Deal

To understand why church-state separation is important, it helps to understand the concept of "crisis-induced devotion."

Why Interfaith Services are a Problem

The problem with interfaith services is that they are often portrayed as all-inclusive, but in fact they often exclude large segments of the population.

Atheism Shouldn't Be a Crime

Atheists are being arrested. Where is the outrage?

What Would an American Pope Mean?

Would an American pope change the landscape of America's culture wars?

Why Sometimes Religion Should Be Criticized

We don't usually like to criticize religion, but sometimes we should when religious leaders inject themselves into politics. If they are trying to shape public policy based on their theology, potentially causing harm to others, that theology should be subjected to scrutiny.

Why the Secular Movement is Here to Stay

The popularity of secularity is not just a hot trend that will be gone tomorrow.

Would You Know Atheist Discrimination If You Saw It?

In the wake of tragedy, anti-atheist rants seem to go unnoticed.

A Modest Proposal

If corporations are people and their profits are paramount, where will that logically lead society?

Humanists Challenge Congressional Prayer Caucus

The Congressional Prayer Caucus is much more than a group of congressmen who want to pray together. Secular Americans are calling attention to the CPC's anti-secular agenda.

Atheist Ad Campaign Reaches Out to Kids

Religious groups have been targeting children for years, and now atheists are doing the same thing.

Has Your Therapist Tried to 'Save' You?

Not all therapists keep theistic and supernatural views out of their treatment.

The Secular Movement Can Reshape Public Policy

Nonbelievers have a wide range of political views. So how will the growing secular movement affect public policy?

Rubio Shows Why 'In God We Trust' Must Go

Rubio shows that the national motto of "In God We Trust" helps to validate the idea that nonbelievers are less patriotic than believers.

Why the Opposition to the Religious Right Failed

The opposition to the religious right has been a dismal failure for thirty years, but the modern secular movement provides another viable strategy.

What About America's Secular Heritage?

We frequently hear about the importance of America's religious heritage, but what about its secular heritage?

Atheist Acceptability on the Rise in America

An atheist president? It may not be as far-fetched as it once seemed. Secularity in politics is gaining acceptance.

Nonbelievers Who Aren't Atheists?

If we are reluctant to identify as atheist, let's be honest about why.

The Dangerous Fallacy of Ceremonial Deism

Ceremonial deism is a doctrine that says certain governmental religious expressions are harmless. But are they?

Obama's Evolving Morality Challenges Religious Absolutists

Obama's "evolved" view of same-sex marriage shows us why the exclusion of seculars in politics comes at a high price.

"Romance Me, You Reasonable Man!"

Humanism is often called a reason-based worldview, but there's more to it than that.

Why More Nonbelievers Are Openly Identifying

Through identity politics, nonbelievers are mounting an unprecedented opposition to the religious right.

It's Time to Challenge America's 'Very Religious' Self-Image

Politicians are quick to define America as a very religious country. They are wrong.