'End Times' Beliefs Are Extreme, and Extremely Influential

Should public policy be shaped to appease those who eagerly await the End Times?

Immortality—Who Will Get It, and Who Won't?

If you think wealth disparity is bad now, just wait until awesome medical breakthroughs redefine the human condition—for some of us.

Boy Scouts Still Shut the Door on Some Kids

The Boy Scouts of America has gotten more inclusive in recent years, but this makes its exclusion of atheist children all the more conspicuous.
U.S. Government photo, public domain

Ignorance Isn't Bliss—It's Frightening

Survey numbers show Americans lack knowledge of basic civics. What does it mean?

Blood Spills Over a Statue of Lee

Why would blood spill over a statue of a Civil War general? Because public displays validate ideas.

Just to Be Safe, Should You Believe in God?

Religious doctrines disagree about who gets eternal bliss. Could it be the atheists?

Was 'Sgt. Pepper' a Divisive Album?

The unfortunate reality of modern cyber-journalism: the market-driven need to create and nurture division and conflict.

Do You Realize How Far Trump's Religion Speech Went?

The president's commencement speech to evangelical graduates should shock anyone paying attention. It defined American values in terms of Christian nationalism.

The New 'Religious Freedom' Is a Boon for Churches

As courts and politicians continuously redefine religious liberty, hang on to your checkbook.

Oblivion Isn't Really So Bad

Atheists are sometimes warned that their beliefs offer nothing but oblivion after death — but is that really anything to fear?

Yes, It's Time to Politicize Science

Some are urging scientists to stay off the streets and out of politics, but is that such a good idea?

The Forgotten Issue: Quality of Life

Is it time to start a serious conversation about quality of life?

Why Are We So Powerless?

Trump's victory resulted from powerless voters seeking to strike back at an uncaring Establishment. For those who want to reverse course, what does this mean?

Are White Men Really the Problem?

Cultural resistance to gender equality comes from more than just men.
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The Danger of Claiming That Rights Come From God

To many, there's an appeal to the argument that rights come from God. But freedom is much more secure if we realize that rights flow from humanity progress.

Why 'Instilling Patriotism' Is So Ludicrous

Loyalty to one's homeland is a natural impulse, so why do we try so hard to instill it?

Political Progress for Nonreligious Americans

Secular Americans have struggled to tear down the "fence of piety" around the political realm. And now they're making progress.

As a Society, We've Got Issues

With widespread video, American society is seeing its ugliest side on a regular basis.

Real Democracy Doesn't Deny the Vote

Those who have paid their dues to society shouldn't be alienated from the political process. It's unfair, discriminatory, and counterproductive.
Photo by Paul M. Walsh. Creative Commons License

The National Day of Prayer: Insidious and Invidious

The annual National Day of Prayer is a tradition that doesn't go as far back as you may have thought.
Nate Gowdy, used with permission

Humanism's Role in a 'Political Revolution'

With religion on the decline, secular humanism is key to any "political revolution" in contemporary American society.

Beware America's Shocking Loss of Empathy

Without empathy, where are we as a society? As America considers its dysfunction, the loss of empathy should be part of the focus.

From Muslim to Nonbeliever

Group supports ex-Muslims who now embrace a secular worldview.
Photo by John Snyder/Creative Commons

On Religion, Sanders and Clinton Differ Sharply

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have many differences, but few are more prominent that the religious contrast.

Political Discourse is Getting Dangerously Anti-Intellectual

It's not a good sign that image and emotion dominate American politics. Critical analysis and serious substantive discussion are sadly lacking.

In Wake of French Terror, Maybe Pastafarians Aren't So Crazy

As the world mourns the tragedy in Paris, the relevance and importance of religious criticism become more apparent.

Should Schools Be Teaching American Exceptionalism?

Teaching good citizenship is one thing, but should schools be teaching our kids that America is superior to the rest of the world?

Should We Make Doctors Disclose Religious Bias?

Should your medical provider's religious beliefs dictate the care you receive?

How to Pray for an Atheist

Nonbelievers don't want prayers, but they often get them anyway. What's the etiquette of unsolicited prayers? And is it changing as the nonreligious demographic grows?

The Tragedy of Southern Cultural Obsession

Those who would use symbols of the Confederacy to "honor heritage" should think twice about what they are really honoring.