Hooking It Up

Mobile apps like Tinder and The Grade not only make hooking up easier, but they also provide far more equal opportunity.

5 Reasons You Should Brag

If you sing your own praises with the right attitude, you’ll build up your self-esteem, share what you’ve learned with the world—and achieve even more successes to crow about, both at work and in life.

Obsessive Posting Is A Result Of Obsessive Following

For better or worse, we're too willing to listen.

Women Are Criticized for What They Spend; Men Are Admired

Any woman who chooses to indulge in a pricier-than-drugstore brand mascara because she likes how it makes her eyes look, or crazy-high heels because they make her walk taller—needn't justify the decision. We're sexist for asking her to, and that's our problem. Not hers.

Can Women Succeed Without A Mentor?

Male mentors tend to sponsor rather than just mentor—similar to the difference between coaching and selling.

Technology: 12 Ways It Makes Life Better

Text messaging and Snapchat are ruining the English language, faces look freaky, and it's not very personal. But with a husband often "on the road," a son running his own business, a daughter at college, and me walking the quiet halls of an empty nest, I'll take it. After all, "Luv U" is now a universal language.

Let’s Fight For The Right To Take Nude Photos

Taking nude photos is most definitely a right to fight for, if only because ceasing to do so is a form of victim blaming, and far more harmful than protective.

The Psychology of Vanity

We're scared of looking vanity in the face, and because we're reluctant to talk about our own vanity-driven alterations, we tend to want to dismiss and condemn those of others.

Complain And You Gain

We’re not really an addiction-addled culture of over sharers, instead, it’s that we’re a culture of complainers.

When Parenting Boys Sharing and Caring Works

If you suspect your son is a mama's boy, be thankful. Chances are, he will be, too.

Why You Need to Brag More, and 3 Ways to Do It

Taking accountability for yourself and your work means accepting the good along with the bad. If you own up to your mistakes, why shouldn't you own up to your victories?

The NFL Condones Mistreatment Of At Least Half Its Fans

Can you believe in women's rights and enjoy football? Can you be angry about Ray Rice and the NFL's inadequate handling of him but still feel okay about watching the game? The answer, to both, is no.

6 Ways Men and Women Are (Mostly) Different

The beauty of human nature is that men and women are complex in equal measures.

Americans Prefer Their Bosses Male

Research, published in the journal Psychological Science, found that women are held to different professional standards, and that being a "tough boss" means something different for women than it does for men. Standards of behavior are uneven.

Why We Love To Gossip

The weight of both research and the experiences of those who have been its targets, says clearly that gossip can hurt relationships, create a climate of fear and resentment, all of which feeds stress like humid air feeds a storm.

Both Men and Women Prefer Working For a Male Boss

Being a "tough boss" means something different for women than it does for men.

Why It Matters What We Wear

There’s reason to believe attraction to another’s personal style (and, more specifically, how they chose to express that style) can actually help determine compatibility.

Can Work Ethic Be Learned?

Is work ethic always instilled by parents in young children? Can it be learned later on or, in fact, even be inherent?

We Don't Know the Truth Behind Other People's Marriages

We simply don't know the real truth behind other people's lives -- or worries, or desires, or fears. We forget that the only witnesses to a marriage are the two people in it.

4 Tips Not to Let Social Media Hurt Your Career

While you’re busy crafting your personal image on social media, potential employers are busy using it to predict how you might be as an employee.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Workaholism

9 questions and answers to help understand the difference between hard-working and workaholism.

3 Simple Ways To Shed The Title Of Bad Boss

More and more, workers aren’t just subject to review but are asked for their feedback on their supervisors as well because studies show that bad bosses aren’t just a hit for morale; they’re a hit for business and profitability.

Friendships Between Women Have Health Benefits

It was found that when women feel emotionally close to other women, their bodies produce more progesterone, boosting mood and alleviating stress.

When Emotions Well Up In The Work Place Tread Carefully

In the days when the tough-guy workplace was organized by dominance and fueled by testosterone. Showing emotion -- especially the weepy variety -- was like wetting your pants in the school yard: a life-altering event.

Equal Pay For Equal Work A No-Brainer, Right?

Even Republicans concede that gender discrimination is no myth yet Senate Republicans blocked--for the third time--the Paycheck Fairness Act, a bill proposing to close the pay gap between men and women.

The Reasons I Hate (Love) Twitter

Twitter is an easy way to share ideas and access the news but it saps productivity.

How Much Porn Is Your Kid Watching?

Studies say that almost half of kids between ages 10 and 17 are consuming porn online and close to a third of teens are sending their own nude photos.

Regret Can Be a Valuable Teacher and Informant

We typically think of regret as a waste of energy and emotion, a negative state that involves blaming ourselves for an unwanted outcome, but using the idea of regret as an important tool for predicting how we may feel about something later on can be a valuable tool.

How Much Do Partners Need to Share?

There is a place for privacy in loving, trusting relationships, and it’s important to remember that a person’s need for privacy doesn’t mean he's up to no good.

Women on the Verge of Exhaustion

Kids, career, friends, family, and loads of stress: how women’s collective work-life fatigue is holding them back.