Presidents and Psychotherapists

Politicians addressing their own emotional and psychological needs would go a long way towards reducing the stigma that prevents many American citizens from seeking treatment.

Mental Illness: Talk About It More, Not Less

One study found that tolerance decreased when describing people as "mentally ill" instead of "having mental illness."

It's Good That Mental Illness Gets the Celebrity Treatment

Lena Dunham is doing a good job promoting mental illness openness and that's invaluable, because too few people do.

Is Affluenza Real?

Affluenza has been described as a disorder that coddles kids into a sense of irresponsibility and clouds a sense of right and wrong.

Why Do We Fear Mental Illness?

The instinct to avoid the topic of mental illness prevents many families whose lives have been impacted by it from talking about it.

Mental Illness: A Smoking Gun

People with untreated mental illness are 16 times more likely to be killed by police than people without, a new study says.

Mental Illness: The Smoking Gun

People with severe mental illness account for one in four of all fatal police encounters

Are Radicals Mentally Ill?

When it comes to identifying with the mission of terrorist groups, religion may matter less than mental wellness.

Social Media in Times of Tragedy

Social media posts that made it appear as if San Bernardino and Paris weren't bleeding were unsettling. I wondered if a friend who instagrammed herself at a party had not heard.

Don’t Discount Mental Illness in the Case of Abigail Hanna

Everyone is asking, in one way or another, how someone with so much potential can commit such a heinous crime.

Bright Girls Are Always the Meekest in Class

Research has found the higher a girl's IQ the more likely she was to give up when a question was complex or a task was challenging. Bright girls were more easily intimidated. Bright boys ,were more likely to see not knowing an answer as invigorating. They were not intimidated and more confident than girls even though girls performed better on tests.

The Movie "Trainwreck" Isn't Just A Rom-Com

In Trainwreck Amy Schumer points out the holes in the idea (that many Millennials have) that the work of feminism has been done, that drinking or having sex or working “like a man” makes women equal, that the casual, commitment-free sex they’re having is really their choice.

4 Excellent Strategies to Deal With Friends and Money

For richer or poorer? When your friends have more or less. The gap between the rich and poor in the U.S. is the widest it has been since the Great Depression. And our social lives may be suffering as a result.

Finding My Daughter Again Through the Outdoors

I think much parenting anxiety centers around how the kids will turn out and whether the choices you made will impact them in good ways or not so good ways. You wonder how you’ll feel about them as people, too, whether you’ll like who they become as adults. You know you’ll love them, but will you like them?

Rich Kids

Research has found that privileged kids are, as a whole, more self-centered, depressed, and self-destructive. They're more narcissistic, but struggle to develop a sense of self.

Teach Your Kids to Talk to Strangers

We may think we're teaching safety when we tell children to disregard the unfamiliar, when we tell them to turn away from strangers, but what we're teaching is intolerance and indifference.

Hooking It Up

Mobile apps like Tinder and The Grade not only make hooking up easier, but they also provide far more equal opportunity.

5 Reasons You Should Brag

If you sing your own praises with the right attitude, you’ll build up your self-esteem, share what you’ve learned with the world—and achieve even more successes to crow about, both at work and in life.

Obsessive Posting Is A Result Of Obsessive Following

For better or worse, we're too willing to listen.

Women Are Criticized for What They Spend; Men Are Admired

Any woman who chooses to indulge in a pricier-than-drugstore brand mascara because she likes how it makes her eyes look, or crazy-high heels because they make her walk taller—needn't justify the decision. We're sexist for asking her to, and that's our problem. Not hers.

Can Women Succeed Without A Mentor?

Male mentors tend to sponsor rather than just mentor—similar to the difference between coaching and selling.

Technology: 12 Ways It Makes Life Better

Text messaging and Snapchat are ruining the English language, faces look freaky, and it's not very personal. But with a husband often "on the road," a son running his own business, a daughter at college, and me walking the quiet halls of an empty nest, I'll take it. After all, "Luv U" is now a universal language.

Let’s Fight For The Right To Take Nude Photos

Taking nude photos is most definitely a right to fight for, if only because ceasing to do so is a form of victim blaming, and far more harmful than protective.

The Psychology of Vanity

We're scared of looking vanity in the face, and because we're reluctant to talk about our own vanity-driven alterations, we tend to want to dismiss and condemn those of others.

Complain And You Gain

We’re not really an addiction-addled culture of over sharers, instead, it’s that we’re a culture of complainers.

When Parenting Boys Sharing and Caring Works

If you suspect your son is a mama's boy, be thankful. Chances are, he will be, too.

Why You Need to Brag More, and 3 Ways to Do It

Taking accountability for yourself and your work means accepting the good along with the bad. If you own up to your mistakes, why shouldn't you own up to your victories?

The NFL Condones Mistreatment Of At Least Half Its Fans

Can you believe in women's rights and enjoy football? Can you be angry about Ray Rice and the NFL's inadequate handling of him but still feel okay about watching the game? The answer, to both, is no.

6 Ways Men and Women Are (Mostly) Different

The beauty of human nature is that men and women are complex in equal measures.

Americans Prefer Their Bosses Male

Research, published in the journal Psychological Science, found that women are held to different professional standards, and that being a "tough boss" means something different for women than it does for men. Standards of behavior are uneven.