I Am Not an Elitist! (Or Am I?)

President Trump criticizes liberal elites for being disinterested and out-of-touch with those who comprise his base of supporters. I disagree, but then I look at "real facts."

Our Illusions of Role Models, Heroes, and Idols

Our role models (action heroes, movie stars, great minds, artists or world leaders), have been attributed wonderful qualities, but they're ordinary people, both worthy and flawed.

American Shootings: "Thoughts and Prayers" Are Not Enough

The repeated domestic and mass shootings in this country are astoundingly frequent. We do know how to stem this tragic tide, but our "thoughts and prayers" are simply not enough.

Performance Enhancing Drugs in Everyday Life

We criticize athletes who use PEDs, but many people everywhere "self-medicate" to help them study, perform, sleep, have sex, stay awake, and lose weight, among other pursuits.

Do We Humans "Need" Tragedies to Bring Us Together?

During major cataclysms, differences and conflicts between us seem to dissipate, and we tend to reach out to each other with increased caring, empathy, and sense of community.

Who Is, and Who Is Not, a "Mensch"?

A "mensch" is usually respectful, generous and responsible, as are most people. Those who are often unpleasant, abrasive and untrustworthy are not worthy of that appellation.

Predictability of the Unexpected: The Yin and Yang of Life

As wonderful (or painful) as our lives can sometimes be, we will all experience unexpected dramatic changes. How we handle successes and setbacks is what is of most importance.

Where Have All Our Values Gone?

America's progressive values, long a beacon of light the world over, are in danger of deteriorating as selfishness and incivility are prominent in public discourse and behavior.

"The Sounds of Silence"

We need more silence in our lives, as noisy machinery, constant media, a troubled world, life's pressures and internal distress bombard us: We sorely need relief from cacophony...

Old Friends: Some of the Best Stuff of Life

Long term, close friendships enhance the substance and quality of our lives, and are important in times of celebration and sorrow: Appreciate them, nurture them, cherish them.

The Wall With Mexico: Fear and Loathing

Inspired by kindled fears and prejudice, the U.S. will build an exclusionary wall between itself and Mexico based on irrational reasoning, at enormous expense, and with futility.

True Believers and Donald Trump

A True Believer who has passionate faith in a fundamentalist credo or a charismatic leader, totally accepting the promises and predictions as absolute truth, is often disillusioned

A Profound Need for Our Traditions

Our traditions enhance and bolster our lives, enable us to commune with family and friends, bring stability and meaning to our lives, in times of serenity and in times of turmoil.

The Persona of Donald J. Trump

President Donald J. Trump is a remarkably provocative individual, attracting support and adoration from millions, while inciting derision and rage in equal numbers of others.

Teaching Values to Our Children

We say and teach children that civility is a core value in society: We extol respect, tolerance, compassion, kindness and cooperation. Our actions, however, often fall far short.

A Surreal Walk, a Strange Dream

During a pleasurable walk, the author experienced a riveting daydream about serenity within everyone's minds and hearts, as well as peace between all of us. Then he awoke.

"Post-Truths" Trump Facts, Affect Trumps Reason

The divisive presidential election showed how divided Americans are, how powerful emotions like fear and anger can overwhelm reason, and "post-truths" can blind people to facts.
"Blonde Haired Woman"/Pexels/CC0

Believing: One of the 4 B's (Being, Belonging, Benevolence)

We humans have always had a need to search for some non-material rationale to the inevitable demands of life, and a sense of Believing enables us to give meaning to our existence.

A Sense of Being, in an Evolved Life

A sense of Being is a cornerstone, as are Belonging, Believing, and Benevolence (Four B's), in evaluating if we are living evolved lives, which are both meaningful and fulfilling.

Belonging and Loneliness

Belonging is when we feel a part of a community where we are liked and appreciated. Loneliness is its opposite when we feel unsupported and saddened. Both affect mood and health.

College Students: Coddled or Constructive Activists?

Today, college students are expressing dissatisfaction and even feel threatened, but this is often more about their personal feelings rather than the chaotic state of the world.

Who Is a "Demagogue"?

In this dramatic presidential campaign, the term has often been referred to, especially in regard to Donald Trump's style and substance. Is this an accurate depiction?

Media "Piling On" and Internet "Trolling"

Whenever someone is exposed as having acted destructively, there are outcries of anger in the media and the internet, inevitably followed by ugly, malicious trolling and piling on.

An Era of Incivility

Living with constant incivility breeds unrest, unhappiness and discord between people. This is an incremental step towards animosity and enmity, leading to aggression and violence.

"Man Plans and God Laughs"

We all experience successes and setbacks, loves and losses, pleasures and pain: How we face disappointments with courage and successes with grace are measures of our humanity.

"Us" and "Them"...Two Solitudes

People tend to be clannish, and often live in "emotionally-gated communities," in which they seldom communicate. These separations can breed prejudice and conflict, as we often see

Psychological and Political Polarization Are Toxic

Humans are divided by political sentiments based more on psychological perceptions and feelings than with policies. To survive, we must address our communication and community.

Why "Keep Up With The Kardashians"?

The Kardashians are "famous for being famous." They are media stars, but their lives are no more interesting than ours: They have highs and lows, loves and losses, joy and sadness

There Are No Words

Human aggression and violence may prove to be our undoing. Unless we control our baser tendencies and place value on "our emotional footprint," I fear for the future of humanity.

Insulting Words With a Psychiatric Twist

It is bad enough that insults have become common in discourse, but this reaches new lows in interpersonal trolling, when people invoke psychiatric terms to inflict nastiness.