Why Has Self-Harm Tripled Among Tween and Teen Girls?

Why are three times as many girls harming themselves? There's a likely culprit.

Making iGen's Mental Health Issues Disappear

Do we really need to worry about iGen's mental health? Yes, we do.

Why So Many of Today's Teens Are Depressed

Why are so many teens depressed and lonely? The technology meant to connect us may have instead depressed us.

Adam Ruined My Research

What happens when you meet someone who criticized your research? A debate about generations, and a story of open discussion.

The Real Truth About Generational Differences

Do generations actually exist? The truth about Millennials.

Here Comes the iGen—and Businesses Can Rejoice

iGen and Millennials are actually less entrepreneurial -- and that's a good thing for managers

Why So Many Couples Are Having Less Sex

Why Americans are having less sex.

Five Reasons Why Millennials Helped Elect Donald Trump

How could so many young people have possibly have voted for Trump? Here are five reasons.

Why Parents Insist on Giving Their Babies Unusual Names

What's going on with baby names? Blame Millennials and their need for uniqueness.

The Paradox of the American Voter

What's up with voters these days? Cultural psychology explains it all

Young People Aren't Having as Much Sex as They Used To

Surprise: Young adults today are less likely to be sexually active. What gives?

Why We're Having More Same-Sex Relationships Than Ever

More Americans are having sex with partners of the same gender. Here's why this is happening, and why it's a good thing.

The Decline in Religion Comes Home

Changes in religious practice among Americans mean we are quickly heading toward a much more secular society. One third of Millennials and iGen are already there.
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Do Millennials Have a Lesser Work Ethic?

Do young people really have a work ethic problem? A look at the evidence.

Why Adults Are Less Happy Than They Used to Be

Why American adults aren't as happy as they used to be.

Are Mental Health Issues On the Rise?

Are today's young people more anxious and depressed, or does it just seem that way?

The Most Remarkable Thing About the Pope’s Visit

Pope Francis' stunning message to nonbelievers

Why Working Mothers Shouldn’t Feel Guilty

What do people really think about working mothers?

The Real Reason Religion Is Declining In America

Why Millennials are the least religious generation in American history

What Do Millennials Really Want at Work?

Everyone's trying to understand young workers, but there's so much information (and misinformation) out there. We'll explore what's true and what's not in generational differences at work.

Why So Many People Are Stressed and Depressed

The rise in anxiety and depression doesn't seem to be caused by people being more willing to admit to problems. So what is causing it? Generation Me needs some answers.

Are Millennials "Generation Nice"?

Empathy, generations, and the curious conclusions of the New York Times
Who Are the Millennials?

Who Are the Millennials?

Will Generation Me (the Millennials) save us all?

Yes, Violent Video Games Do Cause Aggression

In the wake of the latest mass shooting, some suggest violent video games can't be responsible. But they fail to mention the largest and most definitive studies that show, in fact, that violent video games do cause real-life aggression.

Are We All Really Special?

Language use in books shows the growing emphasis on individualism and uniqueness in American culture.

Who Says You Can't Get Pregnant After 35?

Yes, fertility declines beginning in a woman’s late 20s, with the decline accelerating after 35. But that doesn’t mean a woman in her late 30s won’t be able to get pregnant.

Have You Had a Baby Who Was the “Wrong” Gender?

Everyone says they “just want a healthy baby.” But, whether we admit it or not, we have a certain vision for our families. And when that vision isn’t fulfilled, it can be profoundly disappointing.
Why Trying to Get Pregnant Is so Stressful

Why Trying to Get Pregnant Is so Stressful

Modern technology convinces us we're in control of everything. But we can't (entirely) control getting pregnant, which drives us a little crazy. Here's how to get pregnant as fast as possible and stay sane in the process.