If You've Been Down, Up Your Health Game to Avoid Stroke

After a depression, you're still at risk for stroke. The best solution is to exercise.

How to Beat Emotional Eating

New programs for emotional eaters teach acceptance.

Why Some of Us Get Bored—and Some Don't

When you're bored, pay attention to why...And pay attention, period.

When the Doctor Has Very Bad News

It's not easy telling people the truth, and sometimes part truths are kinder. You can help.

Knitting Is Good For You

Knitting is the new yoga.

Loneliness Is Not Caused By A Lack of Social Skills

Anxiety can be the root of loneliness, not lack of social skills.

Why You Eat At Night And How to Stop

Food eaten late at night doesn't give you the buzz you crave.

Trust Your Gut If You Suspect Lying

Fleeting expressions can indicate hidden emotions, and you can learn to see them.

Why We Love To See Conspiracies

People who believe in conspiracies may hold contradictory ideas about the same event.

After a Decade of Dating, I Found A Keeper

The most important clue is how you fight.

Men Have Bigger Brains--So What Does That Mean?

Don't trust what you hear about male and female brains.

Alcohol Does More Harm Than Heroin or Crack

We talk about secondhand smoke, but not about "secondhand alcohol abuse," the harm alcohol abusers do to everyone else.

Is Addiction Really a Medical Problem? It's Complicated

Addiction, like most health issues, arises from personal choices, physical weakness, and social context.

8 Ways to Boost Your Self-Control

Some research-tested self-discipline strategies--like gargling sugar-water--aren't obvious.

Common Anti-Depressants Do Cause Weight Gain

Wellbutrin causes less weight gain than other common anti-depressants.

When Someone You Love Is Dying

Your loved one may be slower--or faster--than you are to accept death.

Is Crying Really Good for You?

Weeping may not make you feel better, if you're alone, depressed, or don't get a soothing response.

Are Killers Born or Made? Both

A loving childhood can turn a natural-born killer into an aggressive but law-abiding guy.

Men Lose Their Memory Faster With Age

Men lose their memory faster than women.

Why Writing by Hand Could Change Your Life

Remember pens and paper? They help us think.

We Don't Repress Painful Childhood Memories

Most people remember incidents of sexual abuse as children though they may not have understood them.

Don't Overthink!

Be compassionate to yourself during writing exercises.

Why 'Cheat Times' Don't Help Dieters

Believing you can compensate for overeating by cutting back the next day tends not to work.

Do You Ever Feel That You Live in a Hall of Mirrors?

A hall of mirrors is a bad trick on a dog.

There's No Such Thing As a Photographic Memory

Although there's no such thing as photographic memories, some children can see a picture in their mind's eye for a few minutes.

How to Know if Your Teen Is Seriously Suicidal

Headaches, insomnia, all-over skin sensations, and drinking alcohol are all danger signs.

Worrying About Dementia

Anxiety is a risk factor for dementia.

After 15 Years, What Does Positive Psychology Teach?

The positive psychology movement is 15 years old. What have we learned?

You Are What You Eat

You brain gets a constant flow of information from your digestive track.