Men Get Baby Blues, too

Men can get badly depressed with a newborn, and affect the child's future.

Get Outside in a Park With Your People

Get outside in greenery to have difficult conversations or to bond.

Help for That Buzz In Your Ear

Treat your anxiety—or try brain-training exercises—to beat ringing in the ears.

When a Gene Test Could Help You Pick an Anti-Depressant

If you can afford it, save yourself months and get a gene test when you're depressed.

People Who Need People Are Happier

As Americans, we are taught to pretend we don’t need other people much in order to attract them or keep them in our lives.

Better Eating Can Relieve Depression

The famous Mediterranean diet can help relieve major depression, and it can't hurt you!

More Evidence that Exercise Boosts Mood

Get out and move to improve your mood.

Your Teen Has Suicidal Thoughts—How Worried Should You Be?

Insomnia and loss of appetite are warning signs.

Exercise With Buddies

There’s power in numbers, as they say, and also inches lost and miles run. Get yourself some exercise buddies.

How We've Been Lulled Into Overeating

The phrase "Everything in moderation" enters our brains as "Go ahead, don't be stingy." We overestimate how much we can eat "moderately."

Get a Variety of Exercise

A variety of exercise will keep you healthier—and might even increase your life span.

Most People Don’t Gain Much Over the Holidays

Only 10 percent of Americans gain 5 lbs or more during the holiday season. Most gain a pound they lose later.

Electro-Cures Largely Unproven

Electro-cures for depression are largely unproven, but may give you hope, which is not nothing.

How to Scare Your Kids Off Taking Painkillers

Painkillers weaken bones, interfere with sex hormones, and can make pain worse.

Seven Things Your Teens Need to Know About Pot

Vapes are bad for your lungs. You'll want to smoke more if you're losing sleep. Don't just pretend your kids aren't smoking pot or that it's okay. Give them information.

Keeping Your Cool, Post-Election

Calming yourself for the holidays, post election.

Living With Change, Post Election

Now is not the time to gloat or despise others who didn't vote the way you did.

When Someone You Love Is Bipolar

Self-help books and memoirs can guide you to understand a loved one with bipolar illness.

Forgiving Is Good for You

Forgiving others—and yourself—will protect your health. You can train yourself to let go of anger and hurt.

Back Off When It's Not Helping!

Back off when your helpfulness isn't helpful. It can be surprisingly hard to do.

To Think You Have Willpower Is to Have It

"Believe it and you can be it," as the saying goes.

Happy Childhood, Happy Marriage

Happy childhoods are a big advantage, but we all can learn the skills that preserve relationships and health.

Do You Believe in Magic?

Don't fall for quack cures like homeopathy.

Depression Can Make You Hear Voices

People often hide psychotic symptoms when getting treated for depression. That's a problem, because they need to be evaluated for an anti-psychotic drug or ECT.

How an Ancient Slave Could Be Happier Than You Are

The core insight of the Serenity Prayer came from an ancient slave.

Antidepressants Are Safe During Pregnancy

It's okay to take antidepressants while pregnant—and essential if you are severely depressed.

Are Antidepressants Dangerous in Breast Milk?

Don't leave depression untreated while breastfeeding. Babies fed milk from depessed mothers gain less weight, but not if she takes an anti-depressant.

Read Books—It's Good For Your Health

Reading books promotes longevity.

Will Ketamine Change Depression Treatment?

Ketamine could prevent suicides and give hope to people with untreatable depression.

Is It True That "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished?"

People may withdraw or punish you after you try to help them.