You Can Kill a Relationship With Anxiety

Anxiety can make you self-absorbed.

When Your Mate Drinks Too Much

Love can help you leave an addicted partner.

Sometimes He Doesn't Want Sex--and You Do

Men can lose interest in sex, too. The prime suspects are work issues, depression, or medical problems.

So You Don't Want Sex, and He Does

Don't ignore your man's desire. Too many women are surprised when men leave sexless marriages.

14 Wrong Ideas About Mental Illness

Suicides peak in the spring, not winter--and people get happier past middle-age.

Obese Mate--Why You're Right to Be Upset

A partner who lets himself become obese is threatening your happiness.

Self Help Books that Work

Some self-help books really work; others are bunk.

You Can Beat Your Shopping Habit

Resist the urge to buy stuff.

How to Stop Kids From Binge Drinking

We can use our success in reducing cigarette smoking as a model to cut down binge drinking.

Is Sensory Processing Disorder Real?

Maybe 2–3 percent of children may have a brain abnormality integrating sensory data.

Do You Like Reading Poetry and Getting Caught in the Rain?

Metaphorical thinking and sarcasm can be good for you.

When Your Partner Is Obese

If your partner is getting heavier, work on the relationship in other ways.

Robin Williams Was Driven to Suicide by Dementia

The beloved comic died of a disease that possibly could have been managed.

More Sex is Tied to Happiness

Happier people may be having more sex, but don't let sex be a chore.

Why Psychiatry Is Behind Other Medicine

Neuroscience is too young to match most symptoms to brain mechanisms.

Treating Sleep Apnea Could Save Your Sex Life

Treating sleep apnea or choosing to sleep apart may improve your sex life.

Good Study Habits to Keep Your Mind Sharp for a Lifetime

Study habits for kids work for adults, too.

Taking Meds Doesn't Have to Sap Motivation

Taking pills doesn't have to sap your motivation to change. In some cases, it may help.

Slow Touching Isn't Just for Women

Slow meditative touch can intensify pleasure and emotion even in a man who thinks foreplay is all for a woman.

Dying at Home Is More Peaceful

Dying at home is more peaceful. Giving family members paid leave to tend to their dying relatives would help.

How Long a Work Day is Definitely Bad For Your Health?

Working eleven hours in a day ups your chance of disease.

Adults With ADHD Are More Common Than You'd Guess

ADHD affects 3 to 5 percent of adults.

Therapy and Meds Fight Depression

Therapy can help you beat depression, even those its effectiveness has been overestimated.

Diet Coaching Can Stave Off Depression

Diet coaching can prevent depression.

Where Did I Put It?

When we can't find a lost item, often it's exactly where it's supposed to be.

Be a Better Listener

Are you suffering from a lack of opportunity to express love? Listen.

How Big Is the Average Penis?

Men tend to overestimate their size.

Your Back or Neck Hurts—What Can You Do?

When in pain, embrace the placebo that works for you.

Get Over Your Fear of Gadgets and Computers

People who seem tech-savvy may just be calmer about checking Google.

The Medical System Doesn't Know How to Reach Addicts

People recover from addictions on their own—rarely because of outreach from medical professionals.