Are Killers Born or Made? Both

A loving childhood can turn a natural-born killer into an aggressive but law-abiding guy.

Men Lose Their Memory Faster With Age

Men lose their memory faster than women.

Writing by Hand Makes It Easier to Think

Remember pens and paper? They help us think.

We Don't Repress Painful Childhood Memories

Most people remember incidents of sexual abuse as children though they may not have understood them.

Don't Overthink!

Be compassionate to yourself during writing exercises.

Why 'Cheat Times' Don't Help Dieters

Believing you can compensate for overeating by cutting back the next day tends not to work.

Do You Ever Feel That You Live in a Hall of Mirrors?

A hall of mirrors is a bad trick on a dog.

There's No Such Thing As a Photographic Memory

Although there's no such thing as photographic memories, some children can see a picture in their mind's eye for a few minute.

How to Know if Your Teen Is Seriously Suicidal

Headaches, insomnia, all-over skin sensations, and drinking alcohol are all danger signs.

Worrying About Dementia

Anxiety is a risk factor for dementia.

After 15 Years, What Does Positive Psychology Teach?

The positive psychology movement is 15 years old. What have we learned?

You Are What You Eat

You brain gets a constant flow of information from your digestive track.

The Secret Reason You Can't Lose Weight

Getting adequate sleep is essential to any diet.

Kids Who Do Chores Flourish

Teaching your kids to be helpful at home could make them happier adults.

Good Reasons to Join the Mindfulness and Yoga Trend

You do have time to meditate--all you need is 12 minutes a day.

People Get Happier—Not Grumpier—With Age

You can expect to be happier after 50, so if it's tough now, just hang tight.

Suicides Can Be Stopped

People who kill themselves think they're doing us a favor. They're wrong.

You Can Help People Feel Appreciated

Truthful, kind feedback helps create a civilized world.

You Can Sound as Powerful as Margaret Thatcher

Imagine that you're powerful, and you may alter your voice in a way that makes you so.

Why We Cry for Joy

Why do we cry for joy or scream at rock stars? The body seems to need to balance the physiological states of strong emotions.

Break Out of Your Bubble

In camp a counsellor thought I was retarded. But really I couldn't hear. Still, I didn't get a hearing aid for another 25 years.

The Essential Question To Ask Any Date

The most important questions aren't answered on dating sites. But you can ask your correspondents directly.

The One Quality We Know Makes People More Attractive

Don't boast too much in an online dating ad--research shows people are looking for humility.

Should You Praise Him for not Being a Jerk?

What do you say when a man wants approval for being decent?

Three Little Birds---on Your Doorstep

Writing down three good things that happened every day teaches us to value simple blessings.

Do You Have A Glam Mom?

Bonding with Mom over beauty activities is fun--unless the two of you compete.

You Can Experience Joy

In my life, I have felt odd joy when I noticed death.

Do You Know Your True Strengths?

Do you think you're a better than average driver? Kinder than other people? Don't count on it.

Are You in the Precariat?

Is your economic life precarious? You belong to the "precariat!"