Depression Can Make You Hear Voices

People often hide psychotic symptoms when getting treated for depression. That's a problem, because they need to be evaluated for an anti-psychotic drug or ECT.

How an Ancient Slave Could Be Happier Than You Are

The core insight of the Serenity Prayer came from an ancient slave.

Antidepressants Are Safe During Pregnancy

It's okay to take antidepressants while pregnant—and essential if you are severely depressed.

Are Antidepressants Dangerous in Breast Milk?

Don't leave depression untreated while breastfeeding. Babies fed milk from depessed mothers gain less weight, but not if she takes an anti-depressant.

Read Books—It's Good For Your Health

Reading books promotes longevity.

Will Ketamine Change Depression Treatment?

Ketamine could prevent suicides and give hope to people with untreatable depression.

Is It True That "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished?"

People may withdraw or punish you after you try to help them.

To Empathize, Don't Trust Your Gut

Thinking—rather than guessing—is a better path to accurate empathy.

A Simple Way to Keep Your Kids Off Drugs

Better sleep for pre-teens is tied to less drinking and pot smoking through their 20s.

How Anxiety Hurts Your Health

Asthma, stomach problems and heart disease are all aggravated by anxiety.

What Is Psychosis, Really?

Twenty four hours without sleep can induce psychotic symptoms. So can alcohol and street-drug withdrawal.

You May Not Need Those Painkillers

The brain can be retrained not to perceive pain.

Is Female Sexuality Flexible?

Sexuality is fluid. Be gentle to yourself when you feel changes and conflicts.

Surprising Facts About Your Newborn

Your infant may have taste in art.

The Joy (and Benefits) of Renewing Old Friendships

Reuniting with friends from your past.

Chickens Can Be Therapy Animals

The chicken as pet.

Sing Your Heart Out in the Old Age Home

To help someone with dementia, load up a Mp3 player with her favorite songs and give her a set of headphones, as long as there is staff to supervise. When you visit, sing.

Being Nice to Your Boss Isn't Optional

Don't kid yourself. Social niceties with employers influence how they see your performance.

How You Really See Your Partner (And Why It Matters So Much)

Thinking your date is better-looking than you are is a good sign that you're in love. It's also probably not true and unimportant.

Why Stonewalling Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

A new study finds that men who stonewall their partner can end up with back and neck pain.

Cooling Down Couple Fights

Tell a different story next time you fight.

There's No One Addictive Personality

People with addictions aren't especially neurotic, dishonest or selfish.

Guess How Many Life Traumas Make Us Stronger—Up to Four!

Overcoming physical challenges and also weathering traumas like a divorce make us stronger. In fact, up to four big traumas will leave you more resilient than a charmed life.

Take Status Concerns Seriously

Status concerns underlie battles at work, home and in politics.

A New Way to Think About Couple Fights

We talk of "power" struggles but they may actually be more about status than power.

Multi-Taskers Focus Better if They Meditate

Encourage kids who do two things at one time to meditate.

Do Teens Need Anti-Depressants?

Therapists often don't talk about diet and sleep when they treat depressed teens. Or parental habits. They should.

Do You Want To Know Your Baby's Genome?

Gene sequencing for infants may become a routine state-mandated test in hospitals, like the heel-prick.

Designer Babies? Not So Fast

Reproductive technologies will lead to "designer babies" bit by bit and seem less strange over time.

Religious Disapproval of Porn

Using porn more than once a week seems tied to shame.