Growth After Losing a Spouse

Losing a spouse could actually help you fight illness. We get stronger.

Can You Catch Your Kids In a Lie?

Some liars are better than others. Don't be sure you know when your child is telling the truth.

The Most Embarrassing Moments When You're Big

Laughing at the embarrassing moments of obesity can help.

The Magic Trick to a Healthy Weight

Weight management begins with self-knowledge. What bad habit do you need to break?

Deciding To Leave

How you decide whether or not to stay with someone says alot about who you are.

Choosing Your Mate

Relationship doubt can make you grow, alone or apart.

When Someone You Love Is Mentally Ill

The police will check in on someone you love who has a mental illness if you can't reach him.

We're All Single For Long Stretches of Our Lives

People tend to be single for some large period of their lives.

A New Way to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

Economists have a new way to lose weight: Put your money at risk.

Teaching Girls the Truth About Sex

Girls are having far more sex than pleasure. New coming of age ceremonies could allow older women to talk candidly about orgasm.

Diet for a Sharper Brain

What you eat can affect how well you focus.

When You Love Someone Who is Depressed

Caring for someone with a mood disorder can drag you down more than caring for someone with schizophrenia.

One Test Can Show Whether Your Relationship Will Last

Your unconscious thoughts about your partner (and yourself) influence your happiness as a couple.

Angry Over Nothing? It's Never Nothing

Anger can be a mask for a surprising and wide range of emotions.

You Can Save Relationships. Here's How.

Change the ground rules and save relationships.

Your Superpower is Listening

Listen well and you may find that people listen to you, too.

What Kind of Drinker Are You?

Moderation groups may work better than abstinence for problem drinkers.

You Can Kill a Relationship With Anxiety

Anxiety can make you self-absorbed.

When Your Mate Drinks Too Much

Love can help you leave an addicted partner.

Sometimes He Doesn't Want Sex--and You Do

Men can lose interest in sex, too. The prime suspects are work issues, depression, or medical problems.

So You Don't Want Sex, and He Does

Don't ignore your man's desire. Too many women are surprised when men leave sexless marriages.

14 Wrong Ideas About Mental Illness

Suicides peak in the spring, not winter--and people get happier past middle-age.

Obese Mate--Why You're Right to Be Upset

A partner who lets himself become obese is threatening your happiness.

Self Help Books that Work

Some self-help books really work; others are bunk.

You Can Beat Your Shopping Habit

Resist the urge to buy stuff.

How to Stop Kids From Binge Drinking

We can use our success in reducing cigarette smoking as a model to cut down binge drinking.

Is Sensory Processing Disorder Real?

Maybe 2–3 percent of children may have a brain abnormality integrating sensory data.

Do You Like Reading Poetry and Getting Caught in the Rain?

Metaphorical thinking and sarcasm can be good for you.

When Your Partner Is Obese

If your partner is getting heavier, work on the relationship in other ways.

Robin Williams Was Driven to Suicide by Dementia

The beloved comic died of a disease that possibly could have been managed.