Sometimes to Love Yourself, You Need a New Name

I’m changing only three letters, Carolyn to Caroline, which seems like a simple uneventful, thing to do, but to me, it feels like a lifting of a curse.

My Life as an Unlikable Woman

Janelle Brown's characters do everything that she is afraid of doing herself.

Julia Glass Talks About "Overnight" Success and New Novel

Is fame and fortune really rewarding? Sustainable? The author of "A House Among the Trees" explores the perils of success.

My Husband Is Not My Soulmate, but Could He Be?

I used to love telling how my husband and I met. How I knew he was “the one” but wasn’t attracted to him in that gotta-have way. Read why I stopped telling that story.

Claire Dederer Talks About Love & Trouble

"...I went through old journals and letters and photos, revisiting my younger self. I won’t pretend it wasn’t excruciating, but that research really did inform the whole book."

The Karma of Creativity

You volunteer, help others, treat the barista with respect, and try to be kind, and when you sit down to write, your imagination turns on like a friendly lightning bolt.

A Conversation With Dani Shapiro About Memory and Marriage

"I was aware that in attempting to tell the truth of our marriage I was at risk of exposing or betraying it. That was the high-wire act."

Where Does Inspiration Come From?

Kristina Baker Kline reveals the story behind an Andrew Wyeth painting that inspired her new novel, "A Piece of the World."

How I Learned to Stop Lying, by Marcia Butler

I couldn’t tolerate even one person knowing what had happened to me — even my therapist. The shame was crippling.

Dear Mr. President: New Anthology of Letters from Teens

Letters to President Trump from diverse students nationwide express a wide range of concerns as well as compassion.

3 Inspiring Stories of Everyday Compassion

These folks have made the world a little brighter for others in totally different ways.

New Book: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Caring less can actually lead to more happiness, better relationships, and greater success. Here's how.

My Mother's First Love at Age 93, by Caroline Leavitt

My mother begins to talk about love differently. It’s no longer the thing that ruins lives, that traps you. Instead, it’s this wonderful secret she wants to share with everyone.

Are Self-Esteem and Creativity Connected?

Sustaining creative work requires respecting yourself, honoring your life, and the humility and faith to keep going despite the ambiguity...

New Book: Why Knowing Fact From Fiction Really Does Matter

In confronting the difficult problems America faces, we all need to have a point of view... a sense of how the world works, and the ability to distinguish solutions from rhetoric.

How to Hire a Gardening Mentor

I had a love/hate relationship with my garden. So I hired someone who could teach me the basics of how to spend less time digging in the dirt and get better results.

"Original Voices": New Book Gives Homeless Women Their Say

"Original Voices" is the perfect title for this collection of poems, essays and wonderings, written by homeless women in Seattle.

23 Everyday Ways You Can Say 'I Love You'

We all appreciate a bit of bling every once in awhile, but it’s the everyday actions and romantic gestures that really add up to long-lasting love.

Seven Rules You Should Break to Get Ahead

Some of the advice we were given as kids isn't true but sticks with us anyway -- and may be holding us back in one way or another.

Rob Roberge: Seven Lies I Told Myself About My Addiction

After being diagnosed with a progressive memory-eroding disease from years of hard living, drugs, and concussions, Rob Roberge became terrified of losing his identity.

4 Truths About Lies and Liars

As much as we say we detest being lied to, most of us stretch the truth an average of three times during a 10-minute conversation. Is it sometimes better to lie—and be lied to?

Sonia Lea: Sex, Love, and Honesty

"My husband went into surgery for a rare cancer and came out without any memories of our life... After twenty-three years of marriage, he awoke without his sexual history."

Seven Simple Ways to Fight the Holiday Blues

During this season of giving, it's often the small gifts and everyday gestures of kindness that matter most. Here are 7 low or no-cost ways to help you find your holiday spirit.

Can Altruism Go Too Far?

New book by New Yorker writer Larissa MacFarquha explores why do some people become “extreme do-gooders,” willing to sacrifice their comfort, time and money to help others.

What's in Elizabeth Gilbert's Happiness Jar?

"My happiness jar isn’t a chronicle of achievements or victories, but a collection of small, everyday marvels."

Leslie Pietrzyk: Grief and Condolences

"After my husband died I needed help but didn't know how to ask. A funeral is many things, including that giant to-do list, but repairing a shattered life is pretty much only one thing: hard work. The paradox is that no one else can do it for you, yet you can’t do it alone."

Grief and Art: A Survivor's Act of Love

Poet Priscilla Long asks: What does art do for the grieving person, the survivor? Art beholds the beloved, remembers the beloved, makes the beloved visible. And art laments. Art keens. Art puts the private agony of grief out into the world where it reverberates with an elemental core of our human condition.

Seven Tips for Kissing Like You Mean It

My husband of 25 years and I recently attended Kissing School, the brainchild of Seattle psychotherapist Cherie Byrd. Here's what we learned after seven hours of smooching.

Ten 5-Minute Ways to Get Organized

There's just never enough time to get everything on your to-do list done, let alone cut down on clutter and get organized. But what if you could actually squeeze more minutes into your day? Here's how stop wasting time, and organize your home and your life in manageable five minute increments.

5 Benefits of Gossip (Even Negative Gossip)

Nobody likes to be badmouthed, but we all talk about co-workers behind their backs occasionally. Turns out, that's not always a bad thing.