Claudia Rowe: Befriending a Killer Revealed My Own Ghosts

I was pushing a terribly damaged man to reveal his most diseased self, while I hid behind a façade of “normalcy.”

6 Tips for Building Your Tribe as a Reader and Writer

Literary tribes that include authors and readers are a great way to connect through books.

11 Tips for Balancing Worklife, Creative Life, and Family

"Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work." — Marcelle Proust

Anna Quinn: When Memoir Becomes Fiction

The "Night Child" uncurled from a tight fetal position and emerged from the thick-skinned seed of personal narrative.

Steve Yarbrough: Reflections on a Lifetime of Waiting

Writers write about the things that bother them most—lost love, missed opportunities, and things that should have been said and done but weren’t.

10 Ways to Jump-Start Creativity in the New Year

Some of my favorite authors—debut authors and old pros—came up with New Year’s resolutions for creative inspiration.

David Rocklin: Do Artists Need Community?

Writing has been a teacher for me, and it’s taught me this above all: Feeling like you don’t belong simply means you haven’t found where you belong yet.

Amy Sue Nathan: Learning to Love Being Alone

I had tackled the layers of divorce, both legal and personal... But I had never spent so much as a weekend alone in ten years, until the kids went to visit their dad.

Interview with Janet Fitch: Why Historical Fiction?

"People think you get to this magical place where you know what you’re doing....But every novel is a completely new animal. You’re always a beginner. That makes it interesting."

Lidia Yuknavitch's Love Letter to Fellow Misfits

Some of us manage to invent bodies, voices, and lives worth living even though we don’t fit in to the normative socius.

Iain Thomas: Why Read Poetry?

Young people find something a poet has written, take a picture and post it to their social media accounts as a way to say, “I’ve felt this. I just didn't know how to say it."

Interview With Jennifer Egan

"I always explore whether or not people can change, whether they can escape the circumstances of their past. Sometimes they can, sometimes they can’t."

Why Get Out of Bed?

What would happen if I didn’t rip back the sheets, slap one foot on the floor and then the other, and then keep on moving all day long? A meditation on functional depression.

Alice Hoffman Talks About New Book: "The Rules of Magic"

"No matter what, love more and not less. I didn’t realize that’s what the message of this book was until the end."

Interview with Rene Denfeld, Author of "The Child Finder"

"It’s a myth that healing is something we must do internally, all by ourselves. Healing is the great gift we can give each other."

New Book: How to Write a Forever Letter

In this age of emoji communication, why bother handwriting a letter? Find out.

Elise Hooper: Is All Writing Autobiographical?

We write fiction and create characters to explore questions, and these questions are often uncertainties we have about ourselves.

Sometimes to Love Yourself, You Need a New Name

I’m changing only three letters, Carolyn to Caroline, which seems like a simple uneventful, thing to do, but to me, it feels like a lifting of a curse.

My Life as an Unlikable Woman

Janelle Brown's characters do everything that she is afraid of doing herself.

Julia Glass Talks About "Overnight" Success and New Novel

Is fame and fortune really rewarding? Sustainable? The author of "A House Among the Trees" explores the perils of success.

My Husband Is Not My Soulmate, but Could He Be?

I used to love telling how my husband and I met. How I knew he was “the one” but wasn’t attracted to him in that gotta-have way. Read why I stopped telling that story.

Claire Dederer Talks About Love & Trouble

"...I went through old journals and letters and photos, revisiting my younger self. I won’t pretend it wasn’t excruciating, but that research really did inform the whole book."

The Karma of Creativity

You volunteer, help others, treat the barista with respect, and try to be kind, and when you sit down to write, your imagination turns on like a friendly lightning bolt.

A Conversation With Dani Shapiro About Memory and Marriage

"I was aware that in attempting to tell the truth of our marriage I was at risk of exposing or betraying it. That was the high-wire act."

Where Does Inspiration Come From?

Kristina Baker Kline reveals the story behind an Andrew Wyeth painting that inspired her new novel, "A Piece of the World."

How I Learned to Stop Lying, by Marcia Butler

I couldn’t tolerate even one person knowing what had happened to me — even my therapist. The shame was crippling.

Dear Mr. President: New Anthology of Letters from Teens

Letters to President Trump from diverse students nationwide express a wide range of concerns as well as compassion.

3 Inspiring Stories of Everyday Compassion

These folks have made the world a little brighter for others in totally different ways.

New Book: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Caring less can actually lead to more happiness, better relationships, and greater success. Here's how.

My Mother's First Love at Age 93, by Caroline Leavitt

My mother begins to talk about love differently. It’s no longer the thing that ruins lives, that traps you. Instead, it’s this wonderful secret she wants to share with everyone.