This time of year is a time when I feel especially grateful for the amazing individuals and families I have been blessed to work with over the years. Times were not always easy for them—and I tend to see families in their darkest hours—but time and again the will to survive, recover, and thrive has triumphed, helping light win over the darkness.

As a way of giving thanks to you and relief to families struggling to refeed their child in this very busy and food-laden time of year, I am offering 20 minute question and answer sessions regarding FBT, free of charge, on Monday, November 19 between 3-5pm Eastern time. The first 6 families to email me will receive slots. While I cannot provide treatment to you over the phone, I can offer you information and refeeding tips to help smooth your journey through the holiday season.

To sign up, please go to my website, www.drjoyjacobs, or email me directly at

I will only be able to respond to the first six requests. All other requests will be put on a list for any future similar sessions.

May this upcoming holiday bring you hope and encouragement, even in the midst of struggle. Thank you, my readers, for joining me on this journey.

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