A Game of Lunch and Love

When your joy of consumption depends on the other person’s wishes, you better get to know him (or her).

The Art of War, Theban Style

Innovation and victory can be as fickle as happiness. Being smart is not enough; you must outsmart someone who is trying to outsmart you.

How Not to Believe

The Mandela effect says that if many (how many?) ‘remember’ that the great man died in prison, then it was so, if only in a parallel universe. I consider this dangerous nonsense.

Why Teach More?

Professors teach because they love it (and make a living). Therefore, they will teach more when the opportunity arises, no?

Simulation Break-Out

The great simulation, like the matrix, is a religious idea. And as wrong.

Self-Enhancement in a Small World

The Society of Experimental Social Psychology convenes in Santa Monica end of September, 2016. Voilà mes deux centimes.

King Oedipus and the Good Life

Once we know what the good life is, will we be happier?

Mind of a Psychologist

Next time you ask a psychologist what it is like to be a psychologist, be gentle, and mind your assumptions.

The Last Jew of Ingwiller

Here’s a personal story, the psychology of which lies close to the surface.

License to Reject

We got a paper rejected. Big whoop. But the process, oh the process, was so royal, in a Monty-Python kind of way. What recourse is there but comedy?

The Importance of Being Moral

Perceptions of morality and competence matter. But which of these dimensions dominates?

The Personality of Brexit Voters

The vote to leave the EU or to remain can be predicted at the county level from basic personality dimensions.

Cup > Coffee

When a purchase of one item (e.g., coffee) also involves the temporary use of a second item (e.g. a cup), what amount of collateral is fair?

Soft-Serve Psychology

Beyond physics and envy: why it is so hard to work in a soft science.

My Post-Shamanistic Bio

I wrote, as an exercise in self-discovery, a short bio. Go forth and do likewise.

Judgment Under Uncertainty: Statistics and Biases

In this essay, you can learn something about intuition (and statistics). But you really care about intuition. Am I right?

The End of P?

Good science should be replicable – though not all replicable science is good. How can psychology become more replicable? I advocate testing less bold hypotheses.

Enforced Trust

You think your doctor and lawyer will take care of you. And often they do. But then again, they also have to worry about the bottom line.


Once you have made a choice, do you still care? Do you still know what you chose? Yes you do – if it matters.

Fit For Happiness

The pursuit of happiness should fit the fit between personality and purchase

Radical Sabbatical

Professors take sabbaticals to rejuvenate their minds, find creativity, and sample the vintages in the South of France. We shall keep the sabbath holy.

Notes From Hohenschönhausen

You have heard of the Stanford Prison Study. Textbook, right? Now consider Hohenschönhausen and enter the world of the Staatssicherheit.

Wrong Personality for the Job

Have you ever been interviewed for a job and rejected on account of your personality? Here is the story of a personality psychologist whose phone interview did not go well.

Stand Up For Yourself

Before positive psychology and before the self-esteem movement there was assertiveness (and training).

How I Broke With Freud

When you read, admire, and seek to live by psychoanalysis, be careful what you wish for.

How to Review a Book

You know that Oprah didn’t read all those books on her list. She’s a businesswoman, not a book reviewer. In this post, I offer a few pointers on how to become the latter.

Rollo May and the Courage to Create

Would you like to be more creative? Good news: You can. Bad news: You will have to get off that couch.

Ultimatum X

When do you agree to do something for nothing (or little)? Economic games are elegant research paradigms for the study of this question. Add psychology, and all hell breaks loose.

Creativity in Time and Place

The Leonardos of the world have appeared in clusters over historical time and geographical space. Popular writer Eric Weiner tries to make sense of it for you, sort of.

Creeping Moralism

If you lack in self-control, you are probably an immoral person. This claim has recently been made in the starkest possible terms by prominent social psychologists. Let’s not