Caveat Venditor!

If, as we assume, you’d rather not give more for less, you may want to consider the dynamics of negotiation.

Rules of Engagement

When the belief in the gun becomes a sacred value, it is time to switch religion.

The Dangerous Doctrine of Free Will

The Florida shooter planned and executed his gruesome deed. He is responsible. To say that he acted out of his free will is pointless. It undermines our understanding.

Name of the Game

Defect or cooperate? Morality says cooperate. Rationality says it depends - in part on what game is being played.

Self and Will

In Joseph in Egypt, Thomas Mann describes a splendid but flawed character. Or is he just human?


With water, the line between wisdom and foolishness is a fine one.

Bayes Odyssey

Some of the pioneers of statistics were deeply religious. Little seems to have changed.
J. Krueger

The Kingdom of Bayes

Will there be a second coming of the Reverend, or is the Bayesian revolution a matter of rhetoric? Consider some eschatological perspectives.

Interest of Conflict

When you are disrespected, do you nip the bud or let it flourish?

A Farewell to Skepticism

Keep theological hypotheses out of science.
J. Krueger

Rhetoric in the Wild

Many of our conversations are not well behaved.

Homo Dichotomus

When statisticians call each other mad.

Game of Cheating

When you cheat, know what you can get away with and whether your conscience will trouble you.

Sapolsky on Free Will

Robert Sapolsky writes of baboons of men. Both are socially intelligent. Neither has free will.
dark energy, not expanding

Testing Free Will

Not to rain on your parade, but the will is still not free. Just accept it, freely if you will.

Significance and Value

Statisticians and research scientists fight over the future of significance testing. Will Big Data win the day?

Going Native

When you “go native,” you not only enter an unfamiliar group, you also find that your folks don’t like it.

Fear of False Positives

To p or not to p remains a question of interest in research circles. Now, 72 have weighed in to get tough on p. Here is my response. (I am a softie.)
J. Krueger

Freedom From the Will

The idea of a free will is like a soft drink: sweet but bad for you.

Conquest of English

Writing well is an important skill. For a non-native speaker it is forbiddingly difficult to master. And no one cares.

Sacred Values and You

Motherhood and death have psychological power over you because they’re sacred. You can’t question them.

Buyers and Sellers

Consuming need not be a passive experience.


Don’t brag about how grateful you are. It’s too transparent.

Psychology for Real

Psychologists work in organizations, contributing to the bottom line. How do they fare in a world where ‘p’ stands for profit instead of probability?

Small Samples, Big Hopes

If you observe an event (datum) 3 standard deviations away from the theoretical prediction, do you do a significance test?

Statistics as a Social Process

Statistics is a bag of tools for inductive inference. No more. Do not be afraid.

The Upside of Chance

Many people fear chance because to them it means unpredictability, uncertainty, and loss of control. These horrors may be overstated. Chance can contribute to creativity and fun.

The Life and Times of P

The humble p value dominates statistical inference, and it has been much maligned. The American Statistical Association is not prepared to let it go.
T. Mairunteregger

Seligman on Tour

Is "prospection" the newest and holiest of grails in psychology? Seligman: "Yes." We: "No."

The Didge and You

The gurgling sound of the Didgeridoo touches a sensibility that is neither verbal nor emotional. Yet, it invites us to consider what we share.