Conquest of English

Writing well is an important skill. For a non-native speaker it is forbiddingly difficult to master. And no one cares.

Sacred Values and You

Motherhood and death have psychological power over you because they’re sacred. You can’t question them.

Buyers and Sellers

Consuming need not be a passive experience.


Don’t brag about how grateful you are. It’s too transparent.

Psychology for Real

Psychologists work in organizations, contributing to the bottom line. How do they fare in a world where ‘p’ stands for profit instead of probability?

Small Samples, Big Hopes

If you observe an event (datum) 3 standard deviations away from the theoretical prediction, do you do a significance test?

Statistics as a Social Process

Statistics is a bag of tools for inductive inference. No more. Do not be afraid.

The Upside of Chance

Many people fear chance because to them it means unpredictability, uncertainty, and loss of control. These horrors may be overstated. Chance can contribute to creativity and fun.

The Life and Times of P

The humble p value dominates statistical inference, and it has been much maligned. The American Statistical Association is not prepared to let it go.
T. Mairunteregger

Seligman on Tour

Is "prospection" the newest and holiest of grails in psychology? Seligman: "Yes." We: "No."

The Didge and You

The gurgling sound of the Didgeridoo touches a sensibility that is neither verbal nor emotional. Yet, it invites us to consider what we share.

Pollution and Psychology

Humans pollute the planet that has produced them. Here is a quick look at four barriers to a cleaner world and what might be done to lower them.

Didgeridoo Dilemma

Are you ready to accept the risks of haggling?

Friends as Allies

Friends are allies, but not all allies are friends.
J. Krueger

Divide and Conquer

Acts of mental division or subtraction are critical for our understanding of thinking. How much new light do they shed?

Back to School

From Kindergarten to graduate school, education is embedded in a system. Teachers and students are not free agents. Let’s liberate them a bit.

The Ziehvater Dilemma

Would you want to be better (stronger, richer, more powerful) than your parent AND worse (weaker, poorer, less powerful) than your child?

Gender Wrap

The study of gender relations is difficult. The study of gender stereotypes is easier. Here are some results.
J. Krueger

Just Teasing

Teasing destroys trust (exceptions are noted).

Why I Am Not a Particularist

Some people are dislikable, and so are some groups, according to research designed to get us all to get along.

Get Rid of Your Thinking Errors

Chiselling away a human error and irrationality will eventually reveal a beautiful mind according to Rolf Dobelli, the would-be Michelangelo of psychology.

Professor Gilbert’s Illusion

Professor Dan Gilbert, a household name, diddled with the visual system to make you think your decisions are bad. Critical thinking follows critical perception.
J. Krueger

Homer on Hedonism

Under what conditions would you choose real life over unlimited bliss? Homer’s Odysseus has an answer.

Are You Being Paid?

Most of you think you are underpaid. Let me add to your pain.

Beer on the Beach and Other Priceless Tales

The psychology of pricing is as intriguing as it is complicated. Read this post with enjoyment and put a check in the mail.

A Game of Lunch and Love

When your joy of consumption depends on the other person’s wishes, you better get to know him (or her).

The Art of War, Theban Style

Innovation and victory can be as fickle as happiness. Being smart is not enough; you must outsmart someone who is trying to outsmart you.

How Not to Believe

The Mandela effect says that if many (how many?) ‘remember’ that the great man died in prison, then it was so, if only in a parallel universe. I consider this dangerous nonsense.
J. Krueger

Why Teach More?

Professors teach because they love it (and make a living). Therefore, they will teach more when the opportunity arises, no?

Simulation Break-Out

The great simulation, like the matrix, is a religious idea. And as wrong.