Encouraging Young Children to Participate in School

Class participation is more than just a check-off box on the progress form.

Helping Young Children Understand and Build Friendships

Play, from early in our lives, creates the vocabulary of friendship.

Life Skills to Have Before Starting Kindergarten

Life skills are ways we learn, through experience and teaching, to manage our behavior in and outside of our families.

Raising Children Who Don’t Give Up

Take heart - developmental progress is on the side of perseverance, not quitting.

A Fresh Look at Millennial Parents (Part 2)

how the largest group of Americans currently parenting their children is feeling and what it’s facing in the task of raising the next generation as well as it can..

A Fresh Look at Millennial Parents, Part 1

What they are feeling and needing in their parenting

Why Manners Still Matter in the Digital Age

How to Encourage Them in Your Children

Helping Your Child Learn How to Fall Asleep

Few lessons matter more to your child’s well-being.

When the Lying Starts

How to understand and discourage lying

Encouraging Independence in Young Children

Moving away from neediness and toward confident autonomy in the school-age years.

Why Doesn’t Sharing Come More Naturally?

How to gently nudge our youngest children toward generosity

Why Arguing with Young Children Is on the Rise

How to stem the tide at home

Helping Children Cope With Divorce

Children who handle divorce best are the ones whose parents honor their children’s needs above their own.

Why Physical Activity Is So Crucial for Preschoolers

Growth in strength, coordination, and agility are only part of the picture.

How to Tell When Children Are Stressed

Is your child feeling stressed? Here are some ways to help your child cope with stress.

The High Price of Pushing Kids Too Hard

How do you know how hard to push your child? You don't push. Period.

5 Ways to Calm Holiday Stress

Stressed out for the holidays? These ways will help you stay calm.

Four Gifts That Could Last Forever

Forever gifts that could provide long-term value for your child.

Reading to Preschoolers Falls Short on the Road to Literacy

Why reading to preschoolers falls short on the road to literacy.

Five Ways to Teach Children About Gratitude

Help your children appreciate life this Thanksgiving.

When Children Are Afraid

The research on what helps temperamentally shy children may surprise. Parents who coddle have more comfortable children in the short run, but by the time they get to kindergarten, their children are more shy, not less. These lessons can help parents of kids with more flexible or feisty temperaments manage their inevitable fear as wells.

How to Talk to Your Children About Bullying

Be aware that preschoolers can bully and be bullied on a daily basis. Most of it is not lethal, but a lot of it hurts and shames—both are feelings that can ruin their day and stay with them for a long time.

Tips To Encourage A Positive Body Image In Young Girls

Preschool teachers will tell you that most 4 year olds- boys and girls- say they like the way they look, and have no trouble identifying other kids in magazines and books who look like them, and they do it without judgment.

Parents With a Big Appetite for Their Children to Excel

It is a rare parent who does not hope for great success in their children’s lives—for accomplishing at least as much, if not more, than the parents themselves did growing up.

Making New Friends at School

One friend can’t be expected to match a child’s friendship needs at all levels, so they may have one friend that is mostly companionship, another for intimacy and another for silly games. So that’s the nature side of making new friends; what of the nurture side?

What Children Experience Going Back to School

School should be as much about the work of mastery as it is about growth, neither one of which comes particularly easily.

A Second Look at Helicopter Parenting

When I first heard the term ‘helicopter parenting’ some 30 years ago, I thought ‘hmm- clever, but ouch’, and filed it under ‘probably not helpful’ in my memory.

The Value of Spending One-On-One Time With Your Children

One-on-one time with your children - all of them - keeps your unique relationship with each one of them healthy and in tune.

Father: Not Just Another Mother

Safety and security are huge concerns for today’s parents, both at home and in the wider world. So, which approach is more likely to raise a secure child?

Keeping Babies Occupied

Before you skip straight to the advice bullets, first ask yourself this: Why do we think we need to keep babies occupied?