Addicted to Hate

Can our souls survive the current political landscape?

Why So Many People Get Fired After a Promotion

What happens when employees “wow” their employers, get promoted, and then fired shortly thereafter for “not getting it?”

The Difference Between Managers and Leaders

The answer remains elusive because managers and leaders are both the same and different.

A Lesson in Consumer Affairs Every Company Needs to Read

What not to do when responding to customer inquiries.

Sensitivity Training

There are questions about its effectiveness, and rightfully so.

Job Interview Tips

Avoiding the wrong things in an interview is as important as doing the right things.

How to Be a Manager Who Gets Respect

What if you’re a boss who people are complaining about but you’re doing your best?

Where Training Fails

Behaviors and knowledge need to be separated for training programs to work.

How The Media Betrays Public Trust

Have you ever been duped by an Astroturfing campaign?
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Why and When Criticism Is Good

Facing criticism is merely a form of consciousness that need not be feared.
Toxic Workplaces

Toxic Workplaces

Toxic people don’t fare well in inherently healthy organizations the same way healthy people are at odds with toxic organizations.
Does Cheating Pick Up Where Sexless Marriage Leaves Off?

Does Cheating Pick Up Where Sexless Marriage Leaves Off?

It does seem odd that partner-imposed celibacy is not looked down upon in the same way cheating is.
Nature Versus Nurture Is Not So Black and White

Nature Versus Nurture Is Not So Black and White

Who we are is a sum-total of genes intermingling with environment, not a definitive formulation of cause-and-effect.
How To Handle a Drama Queen

How To Handle a Drama Queen

Drama, being a close kin to high maintenance, may manifest itself in behaviors that look different across the continuum of masculinity to femininity.

The Side of Learning Disabilities No One Considers

The conversation needs to move past what these kids lack. It can no longer be about what they have to do in order to make up or “compensate” for their shortcomings.

The Unfortunate Reality of "Getting Healthy" Resolutions

It kills me whenever I hear people say how the road to healthy living is just a few minor lifestyle changes away.

A Dancing Life

In a world that values cognition, where the mind is almighty and thought rules, people learn to navigate life almost exclusively from the neck up.
Dismantling the GMO Debate Point by Point

Dismantling the GMO Debate Point by Point

How different is a government that sneaks chemicals into the population’s food supply from a government that launches chemical weapons on unsuspecting citizens? Sure, the means is to a different end, or is it?
A Better Way to Manage Performance At Work

A Better Way to Manage Performance At Work

Think about the challenge it would be to develop your strengths if they were also your weaknesses. It requires completely changing the way you think about managing your career in general, and exploiting your talent specifically.

Difficult People and How to Handle Them

There are ways you can take control and manage difficult people and conversations.

Will Big Ag Survive?

We have companies knowingly damaging people’s health, all in the name of the almighty dollar. Competitors and consumers have a different vision though and they are fighting back.

The Facebook Love/Hate Dilemma

Do you begrudgingly use Facebook?

What Kids Need Now to Be Successful Later

There is a huge deficit in our society and it starts with what we teach our kids, or rather I should say, what we don't teach our kids.

The Thing to Know About Liars

We’ve all come face to face with lies and the people who tell them. Is it safe to say that universally, people hate being lied to?

The Disconnect Between Love, Sex and Marriage

A formula for great sex that's easy to understand and not so easy to do.

The Day Einstein Feared Has Arrived

Did Einstein know it would look like this?

Cheating 101

Does power make them do it?

Writing Policy Manuals and Employee Handbooks

It's risky to go without them, but still many companies wonder why they need policy manuals and handbooks.

Managing Behavior With One Strike, You're Out

Corporate America has a bad habit. It tolerates, perpetuates and systemically ignores bad behavior by keeping problem employees around far longer than they should.

If Only We Worked the Way We Play Football

Every year at this time, as the football season opens, I have the same recurring thought. Why don't we run business like the game of football. I mean, how great would the professional world be if only the genuinely talented players made the "team" and only the best companies "won?"