In Their own words: Adam Moskcwitz's video on NLD

Adam Moskowitz, a seventeen year old, made an excellent video primer on NLD.

Reflections on NLD: five years after the diagnosis

Eight years ago I began my blog Courting Destiny. Five years ago I found out about NLD, Both changed my life.

In Their Own Words: Alexa Raisbeck

One of the most difficult things for many people with NLD to do is thread film. Alexa Raisbeck not only threads film but is an artist who works with film. After her NLD diagnosis Alexa set out on a quest to find out how she learns. This interview explores her journey.
I'm Not Participating in Autism Awareness Month

I'm Not Participating in Autism Awareness Month

NLD's not recognized. There's no NLD Awareness Month, week, day or even hour. It's not taught in schools. Therapists don't usually know about it. It deserves to be known. We deserve to be treated for our primary diagnosis. We deserve good schooling. We deserve full employment.

How Do You Define Success?

People with NLD have different ideas of success. Is it only financial? Or can it be something else?

Two Years After the Diagnosis I Reclaimed My Life

When I was a child my father made me socialize. Though I complained, often bitterly, it was the best thing to happen to me as I naturally learned to be social. Many years later I was diagnosed with NLD and became every symptom for two years. Then I found my way back and to a better life.

A Voice Worth Using

An adoptee with NLD literally loses her voice when she has to give a speech in Eighth Grade. Later she will find accidentally find a strong voice advocating for people.

NLD, You Don't Own Me

I spent most of my life not knowing that my problems were neurologically based. Late diagnosis brought its own set of problems that I was able to work through because I finally knew what was wrong.

NLD Recognition: Part One

NLD is the least recognized disorder. It's not even in the current DSM or the one that is coming up. Yet it's a very real disorder that has played havoc with my life. I am fortunate to have a strong voice I'm not afraid to use. I will use it to help ensure NLD recognition in 2012!

Sorry...Oh So Sorry

Apologies can be great. But what happens when a person says "I'm sorry" for an event she didn't cause? In blogging and on Facebook this can cause massive problems
Relatively Speaking

Relatively Speaking

I found my birth family. Now what?

I Might Have Been Weird but That Didn't Stop My Ex-Boyfriend from Stalking Me

I did well in a paralegal program yet I was the only person in my class who couldn't find a job. I worked as a temp paralegal for a year at one of New York's most prestigious law firms. They wouldn't hire me to be a full time employee because something was off about me. That something was nonverbal learning disorder (NLD).

Yes I do take it personally

NLD is a little known, often misunderstood umbrella group of disorders. Not every person with NLD has every facet of the disorders. Yet people tend to talk in generalities, as if each person with NLD suffers from the exact same problems in exactly the same way. I almost feel compelled to change my life story so it fits what people think of as NLD more. But I won't.
Life, Death, NLD and Me

Life, Death, NLD and Me

There are some situations even modern etiquette and/or self-help books don't prepare us for. Connecting and maintaining a relationship with members of my birth family is one of them. Could I have a relationship with my birth cousins when it was obvious my birth mother didn't want one? Could I trust my judgment as I have NLD?

For Father's Day: My Dad's Story About Adopting Me

My father wrote this story soon after they took me home from the foster home. He gave me many great gifts in life. This was the most wonderful. My sister and I found it after both my parents died. But I'll always carry my parents in my heart and my computer!
My Father, Myself

My Father, Myself

My father and I didn't have the perfect TV relationship but we found our way to an incredible friendship.

NLD and friendship

Making and keeping friends when you have NLD is both an art and a science. It's exhausting but worth it.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams Refound: At the Intersection of N

Have studies shown that people with NLD are predisposed to suicide and depression? A seminal study and supporting papers says yes. Then where are the statistics to back this supposition?

Adapting to an Adoptee's Mother's Day

An adoptee who has NLD meets her birth mother. She tries to find common ground with her birth mother but nothing she says can please the birth mother.

Not Quite a Hoarder Part Two: Clear Pathways

I realize that I have spatial and organizational problems. Can I possibly teach myself to overcome them?
Not Quite a Hoarder Part One: Organization Abyss

Not Quite a Hoarder Part One: Organization Abyss

I would have done anything to have been able to organize myself and clean but nonverbal learning disorder cheated me of those abilities.

A Matter Of Degrees

My NLD is different than your NLD. It has to be as no two brains are exactly alike. NLD is a disorder where white matter is generally missing from the right hemisphere. That's as technical as I get!

You're Such a Disappointment: Life Before a Non Verbal Learning Disorder Diagnosis

Neuro-psychological testing should always be supportive of the client. Simply telling a woman she can't do anything correctly is (beyond obviously) wrong, and does lead to bad ramifications.

No Mistakes Allowed

When you have undiagnosed non verbal learning disorder you lack perspective to understand differenation in mistakes.  Every mistake feels like the one that will cause you to fail

But I Want To Be Perfect: Why Can't I Do Things Correctly?

A seven year old has her first panic attack on notebook inspection day as she knows her teacher will hate her notebook because of undiagnosed Non Verbal Learning Disorder.

The Disorder That Gets No Respect

Non Verbal Learning Disorder is a disabilty often misdiagnosed, underdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all. Those who have it face a variety of coordination, organizational, spatial, learning and emotional problems.