Knowledge is power. Except if you have nonverbal learning disorder (NLD). Then knowledge becomes a dark hole of misinformation; negativity; and unwarranted sadness.

More and more people are being diagnosed with NLD. 

Having NLD doesn't preclude having a good, fulfilling life.

I know the above because my life has been a bed of roses, thorns and all. I was expected to achieve and I did. Once I learned about NLD I fell apart. 

Probably wouldn't have fallen apart if I hadn't fallen into a quick learned helplessness that probably happened because I couldn't find literature for high functioning, high achieving people like me. Or if I could have found Facebook NLD groups that helped me.

There are good NLD/Facebook groups. Through the years they've matured as I hope, we all have.

I encourage you to join them. Observe. Find some people you think you would like to know. Talk to them. You might just find the incredible people you need on your NLD journey.

Together we can change the very negative perceptions about NLD. Together we can change the literature.

I will consider my writings to be a success when people stop fearing NLD.

About the Author

Pia Savage

Pia Savage is a writer, journalist, and former social worker diagnosed with Non Verbal Learning Disorder.

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