Integrity and Employee Well-being

The practice of integrity is an important, although often overlooked, component of employee well-being. I say ‘practice' because integrity is formed through repeated,consistent action over time. Webster's definition of integrity is "the quality or state of being complete or undivided".We all have personal values and beliefs that define us. They influence our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. 

Can being more organized be good for your health?

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned through working with a professional organizer is the action step of planning. In the past, I often relegated planning to another item on my to do list. I was not aware of the extra-ordinary advantages that come from planning one's schedule, whether related to work, family, or social life.

How organizing our space can organize our thoughts and life: a chronicle

Recently I hired a professional organizer, after much hesitation and rationalization, to help me better organize my home. I did what I believe many people do to themselves before hiring outside help. I had multiple conversations with myself, over several months, prior to making the call.

The Stigma of Therapy

Upon seeing my checks made out to Dr., I was asked by the bank teller "What kind of doctor are you?" I'm a psychologist, I said. He then asked, "A clinical psychologist?" I said yes, then, "You must deal with a lot of crazy people."

What can flowers teach us about boundaries?

Today I bumped into an acquaintance I’m quite fond of, who was holding a bouquet of flowers. Of course, I shared how beautiful they were, and I quickly noticed a tinge of discomfort. She mentioned they were from her somewhat recent ex-boyfriend with whom she was dating for 2+years.