Lying: What Humans Love Most and Do Best

Neuro-imaging reveals that honesty has nothing to do with integrity or resisting temptation, but rather the presence or absence of temptation and the opportunity for dishonesty.

4 Essential Marital Bed Death Questions

President Obama says, "yes we can,"; 20 million sexless American marriages say, "no we don't," which may be a very positive sign for human evolution.

Internet Sex: Infidelity or Practicality

Surprising answers from stable married professional couples regarding online encounters. If you are considering marriage definitely read this. If you are married, read this twice.

Anger: The Most Deadly Serpent Lies Within

Others may never punish you for the anger you have, but the anger you have will punish your mind, body, soul, and relationships.

Being Great in Bed Part 2: What He Says

When all else is removed, confidence remains.

Being Great In Bed Part 1: What She Says

Average lovers use sex as a currency, whereas the exceptional lover tells a story with his or her mind, body and soul. Every woman should learn this; every man must know this.

Your Mind Does Not Care What Your Brain Thinks

Understanding the difference between your mind and your brain is the difference between: love and loneliness; happiness and misery; self-satisfaction and self-loathing; good sex and great sex.

The Oscars Affect Your Brain

Watching the Oscars and Sporting Events changes your brain.

Dumped Again?

Present yourself like a present rather than an invoice.

Well Hung

Erotic Asphyxiation is sexual heroin and regrettably becoming young America's drug of choice.

The Fatter the Body, the Hungrier the Brain

When your body is hungry you will eat; when your brain is hungry you will overeat.

Do You Really Want a Long-term Relationship?

Telling it like it is about love, marriage, and long term commitment

9 Unforgettably Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts

Romance is the science of passion in congress with the art of love.

The Search for Love and Mr. or Ms. Right

When it comes to love and happiness, your heart wants what it wants, but your brain gets what it needs. Playing for keeps? Play it smart or don't play at all.

Hooked on Messy Loving

Why your brain betrays your heart and you become addicted to toxic relationships.

The Power Shower: Washing Stress and Pounds Away

This world is a jungle and survival is a war. You must be armed. The shower is the first place to start.

The Silent Genocide in Black America

How an evolutionary survival instinct evolved into an American public health tragedy.

The Gorgeous Brain

Pretty is a Madison Avenue thing. Beauty is a universal force. Unleash the beauty in your brain and be a force, not a thing.

Delayed Gratification: A Battle That Must Be Won

Dispelling the myth of poor self-contol, and offering a neuroscience perspective as to why and how delayed gratification is an issue for some people.

About That New Year's Resolution Diet

How to make your New Year's Resolution to lose weight stick.

There Are No Victims, Only Volunteers

Everybody gets the holiday blues for various reasons. There are simple ways to trick your brain into being happy during the often sad, lonely, and stressful holidays.

The Old Brain Says "Please Come Home for Christmas"

You don't want to go home for the holidays. They don't want you to come home. Yet, thanks to evolution and the brain, not going home is harming your health.

The Real Problem With Weight Nazis

This post explains the pathophysiology of weight-based discrimination.

Christmas Cookie Blue

Shedding light on the unholy alliance between rich foods, holiday overeating, evolution, and brain biology.

Betrayal of the Tongue

Inability to fully detect taste, and subsequent compromises in taste perception drives overeaters to consume excess calorie-dense foods

Symbolic Eating

Compulsive overeating has deep subcortical roots. Humans symbolically interact using language, in compulsive overeaters food becomes a language.

Compulsive Overeating and Habit Formation

How "no pain no gain" turns into "no pickles no onions" in the compulsive overeater's brain.