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Peaceful, Powerful, Practical, Proactive and Painless

Your Brain, Your Gut, and Being a Keeper

Getting to the bottom of why you are unattached

Remembering Robin Williams and Why Clowns Cry

The problem with fame is people think they know you, without having met you.

A Hijacked Brain and a Tongue Held Hostage

We are not what we eat. We eat what we are.

Much More Than a Gut Feeling

Feed your gut bacteria and fix your life

7 Tips for Dating While Dieting

Being a fun date is an art, removing excess weight is a science. Own both of them.

Become a Health and Happiness Addict

Proper diet and exercise has to be a party not a tedium.

4 Surprising Things Super Hot People Do

When all else has been removed, the attitude and haircut remain

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11 Reasons Being Super Hot Looking is Problematic

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Make Fear and Anxiety Your Friends, Not Your Enemies

Anxiety is energy. Always use it wisely, or it will use you foolishly.

12 Secrets About Lurking Online Dating Hazards

Online Dating crimes are becoming more sophisticated and skyrocketing according to the FBI.

4 Ways Yoga Helps Dating and Relationships

Life is not hard, although loving it unconditionally can be brutal when we believe in things we do not understand, and allow our minds to scamper ahead or lag behind the moment.

Mothers Day: A Battered Child's Perspective

You cannot hate your mother and love yourself.

Connecting Global Warming and the Obesity Pandemic

Princeton scientists have over 10 years of experimentation (with a one in one billion chance for error) that strongly suggest Global Warming is making the world fat.

Good Teachers Do Not Take Attendance

Education is the only thing Americans pay for and try not to get.

College Football and Traumatic Brain Injury

Americans cherish football to the tune of a 225 billion dollar industry. What is the hidden cost to those that play it, and those that love them?

5 Reasons Men Insist That Women Be Difficult

Women are extremely difficult by choice, but it is not by their choice. Rather it is by the choice of men. Exploring the twisted neurochemistry of men.

4 Reasons You Are: In Love, In Lust, Or Indifferent

You hate yourself for craving him and calling it love.

10 Must Do's When: Giving Birth to the Blues

A ruby is a jewel, and a ruby is a stone, just as the rapture of solitude lies within the agony of being alone.

Must I Choose Between God and Science?

Religion and science get along like liberal Democrats and Fox Network News. Does it need to be that way?

7 Deadly Mistakes Lonely Men Make

Some men could not get a girlfriend with a rescue boat on a island of shipwrecked women. It is not about your hairline, height, or bank account.

7 Deadly Mistakes Lonely Women Make

Finding and keeping a man has nothing to do with how you look, or where you live, or what you do; but everything to do with how you live, and what you don't do.

Envy and Gloating: An Unnecessary Surrender

Believing some are greater is a fallacy. All lives have equal worth and purpose. Identifying your purpose and remaining true to it, is where the greatness lies.

Lying: What Humans Love Most and Do Best

Neuro-imaging reveals that honesty has nothing to do with integrity or resisting temptation, but rather the presence or absence of temptation and the opportunity for dishonesty.

4 Essential Marital Bed Death Questions

President Obama says, "yes we can,"; 20 million sexless American marriages say, "no we don't," which may be a very positive sign for human evolution.

Internet Sex: Infidelity or Practicality

Surprising answers from stable married professional couples regarding online encounters. If you are considering marriage definitely read this. If you are married, read this twice.

Anger: The Most Deadly Serpent Lies Within

Others may never punish you for the anger you have, but the anger you have will punish your mind, body, soul, and relationships.

Being Great in Bed Part 2: What He Says

When all else is removed, confidence remains.

Being Great In Bed Part 1: What She Says

Average lovers use sex as a currency, whereas the exceptional lover tells a story with his or her mind, body and soul. Every woman should learn this; every man must know this.