5 Brain-Smart Resolutions

Preventing no pain no gain from turning into no pickles no onions.

Brutal Honesty is the New Prozac

Beating depression like it owes you money.

Life After 55 When Your Death Is No Longer Unexpected

In life change is constant and aging is unavoidable, but you will always be you.

The M Word

If society consistently and frequently lies about women, eventually we will believe the lie even after we are confronted with the truth.

What Constitutes Real Science?

"Say it ain't so Joe!": Science and Nature both question the scientific validity of over half of the published psychology research.

This Is Your Brain On College Football

Beyond Social Tribalism, BIRGing, CORFing, and Tailgating - the brain needs its football.

America's Infatuation with Jim Harbaugh

While other college coaches are busy strategizing to win football games, Jim Harbaugh is conquering a nation without trying.

Eye of the Beholder: The Brain Sabotaging Love

Expectations, which are influenced by social norms, filter reality about the world, others, and our selves. As a result we could walk right past Mr. or Ms. Right without ever recognizing them.

Negotiating Your True Worth

Understanding what you are versus who you are in a world that understands neither.

The Art and Science of Happiness

Perspective determines whether a ruby is a jewel, or a ruby is a stone; and whether being by yourself is the rapture of solitude or the agony of being alone.

We Break Our Own Hearts

Our perception is our worst enemy in love and addictive behaviors.

The Truth About Loneliness

Loneliness damages your health, promotes your bad habits and shortens your life, but you do not need more people in your life to fix this problem.

Microbiotal Transplant: Latest Weight Loss Secret?

A real solution or another "Exercise in a Bottle"?

Thanksgiving: Danger in the Brain

This is your brain on Thanksgiving

Excessive Attention Seeking and Drama Addiction

When silent desperation is not silent

A Taste for Bad Boys and Bad Food

Why you really want what you really do not want.

Sexism's Threat to Human Health

Scientifically correct is always politically correct.

Yoga: Finally One Size Fits All

Peaceful, Powerful, Practical, Proactive and Painless

Your Brain, Your Gut, and Being a Keeper

Getting to the bottom of why you are unattached

Remembering Robin Williams and Why Clowns Cry

The problem with fame is people think they know you, without having met you.

A Hijacked Brain and a Tongue Held Hostage

We are not what we eat. We eat what we are.

Much More Than a Gut Feeling

Feed your gut bacteria and fix your life

7 Tips for Dating While Dieting

Being a fun date is an art, removing excess weight is a science. Own both of them.

Become a Health and Happiness Addict

When it comes to health and happiness you cannot think, you have to do. To do it correctly and consistently, you have to make it a party.

4 Surprising Things Super Hot People Do

When all else has been removed, the attitude and haircut remain

10 Problems Every Girl's Dream Guy Has

What is wrong with Mr. Right?

11 Reasons Being Super Hot Looking is Problematic

Overweight women and super models have more in common than you might imagine.

Make Fear and Anxiety Your Friends, Not Your Enemies

Anxiety is energy. Always use it wisely, or it will use you foolishly.

12 Secrets About Lurking Online Dating Hazards

Online Dating crimes are becoming more sophisticated and skyrocketing according to the FBI.

4 Ways Yoga Helps Dating and Relationships

Life is not hard, although loving it unconditionally can be brutal when we believe in things we do not understand, and allow our minds to scamper ahead or lag behind the moment.