Inflammatory Diet Linked to Colon Cancer, Metabolic Risk

Inflammation can fuel cancer, heart disease and a whole host of other disorders. Diet plays an important part in fueling -- or cooling -- inflammation. Scientists are developing an index that will measure the inflammatory properties of foods. Until it's ready for consumer use, just eat a Mediterranean diet: It's not just delicious, but highly anti-inflammatory!

Healthy Summer Cookouts in 12 Easy Steps

Want to know how you can make your 4th of July cookout both healthier and tastier? Read on!

The Eco-Friendly Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet doesn't just lower our risk of disease. It's also a lot more environmentally-friendly than the Standard American Diet, research shows. On Earth Day (and beyond), let's eat like Mediterraneans!

Beans, Beans, They Really Are Good For Your Heart!

Beans, lentils and chickpeas -- collectively known as legumes -- may reduce our risk of heart disease, a new study suggests. Most of us don't eat nearly enough of this Mediterranean-Diet staple. Read here about the many delicious ways you can boost your legume consumption -- and how you can avoid the dreaded side-effects of enjoying this "musical fruit."

Welcome to the Modern Mediterranean Diet

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Modern Mediterranean Diet. What makes this way of eating so irresistible? Its deliciousness? The way it's simple to adopt and maintain? Its many scientifically proven health benefits? The fact that it's low-glycemic and gluten-free? This may just be the health fix you've been looking for.

“Healthy Indulgence” Is Not an Oxymoron

Nature has endowed us with taste buds so that we can select the most fragrant, flavorful and nutritious foods—so why not take her cues and enjoy the gifts she has bestowed on us? Darkly sensual chocolate. Succulent cherries. Spicy, crunchy hazelnuts. Nourishing eggs. Sweet vanilla. Not just good, but good for you! (Delicious recipe included.)

Yes, Cancer Can Be Prevented…

About 30-40% of cancers could be prevented with the help of healthier lifestyles, but many people still don't know this, as two new surveys show. Read here how eating a Mediterranean diet could help cut your cancer risk.

So Simple, So Tasty, So Healthy: Sofrito

Onions, garlic and tomatoes cooked in olive oil—this doesn't exactly sound like a super-food recipe, right? And yet, Spanish researchers have found that this preparation ("sofrito"), which forms the basis of many Mediterranean dishes, contains more than 40 compounds that can help lower our risk of heart disease and cancer. Tasty *and* healthy—does it get any better?

Eat Nuts, Live Longer

People who eat a handful of nuts every day are 20% less likely to die from any cause over a 30-year period than those who don't consume nuts, a new Harvard study finds. They're also leaner, have lower cancer risk and healthier hearts. Read here which nuts are the healthiest and how best to enjoy them.

Do Fish Oils Really Boost The Risk Of Prostate Cancer?

Media fanfare over a new study indicating that fish oils boost prostate cancer risk sent patients panicking and doctors scrambling last week. Are fish oils carcinogenic? Should we stop eating oily fish or taking supplements? Why does this study contradict all the research showing that fish oils are healthy? This post provides some answers.

Just Say "No" to Artificial Sweeteners

Scientists at Washington University in St. Louis have discovered that—contrary to widespread belief—artificial sweeteners can affect the way our bodies handle sugar. Read here how sweeteners—both artificial and natural—may increase our risk of diabetes, weight gain, and cancer.

Time To Take Milk Off The Menu?

High-fat dairy foods may worsen the outlook for breast cancer survival, a new study has found: women eating one or more servings each day were found to have a 49% higher risk of dying of the disease than those eating little or no high-fat dairy. Here I suggest ways of replacing milk fat without feeling deprived.

Is This the Diet To End All Diets?

Unlike any other health-food regimen, the Mediterranean diet is based not on deprivation, but on a wide variety of nutritious ingredients and "joie de vivre". As the latest study shows, it even contains healthy fats -- now there's good news for all us fat-phobes! Read here how simple, tasty and altogether life-affirming Mediterranean-style eating is.

Love Is the New Superfood

Food and love are inextricably linked by our mammalian biology. Yet our hectic modern lifestyles mean that many people are no longer accessing the emotional and spiritual nurturance that delicious, healthy food offers. Read here how you can relearn to love your food, and be loved by it in return.

Time to Dispel Some Cancer Myths

This year's World Cancer Day focuses on busting some pervasive myths about the disease. Read here how you can increase your defences against cancer and help others to do the same. Let's lift the taboo that still overhangs "The C-Word" by talking openly and constructively about cancer.

What 93% of Americans Don’t Know: Obesity Raises Cancer Risk

Shocking but true: according a new poll, only 7% of Americans understand that being obese increases a person’s cancer risk. This level of ignorance spells tragedy, for being overweight and obese not only boosts your risk of developing cancer, it also reduces your survival after a successful cancer treatment. But there's hope: Go Mediterranean!

The 13 Healthiest Holiday Gifts

At this time of holiday shopping panic, it occurs to me that everyone I know has everything they need – except, perhaps, for health and happiness. So this year, why not make gifts that may – at least to some extent – help your loved ones achieve these blessed states? Here are 13 useful, beautiful, affordable, eco-friendly and healthy gifts I would love to receive.

More Bad News For Carbohydrates

Diets rich in refined carbohydrates—white bread and baked goods, candy and granola bars, fries and pretzels—substantially increase the risk of recurrence and death in people who have been treated for colorectal cancer. They should consider adopting the traditional Mediterranean diet.

It's Not Just About Calories

Calories are not the only indicator of a food's healthfulness; how many nutrients they contain and their inflammatory and blood-sugar disrupting potential matters too. In this post, I want to show that some calorie-rich foods can still have significant health benefits, and how to evaluate these.

Celebrating Healthy Birthdays

For cancer survivors, birthdays take on a whole new meaning. They’re not just an occasion to celebrate their birth, but also a chance to give thanks that they’re still alive – sometimes, against poor odds. To help you celebrate healthy birthdays, here's a gluten-free chocolate-almond birthday cake recipe that's not just delicious but also nutritious.

You Want Multivitamins? Here, Eat This.

In my last post I boasted that I would give you a recipe that could put any multivitamin pill to shame; here it is. This may be the most nutrient-dense, cancer-protective recipe I know.

Do Multivitamins Cut Cancer Risk?

Did you read this week's study about multivitamins cutting cancer risk? I'm skeptical: first, because of the less-than-representative population studied. Second, because the 8% protection is puny compared to what can be achieved by eating well, exercising and not smoking. And third, because the study was sponsored by vitamin supplement manufacturers. Eat real food, people!

Is It Still Safe To Eat Rice?

In light of the recent discovery of arsenic—a powerful carcinogen—in many commonly eaten rice products, many of us are wondering whether we should still be eating the grain.

Universal Healthcare

If every culture on this planet has its chicken soup, that's not by chance: it is quite possibly the most nourishing dish there is. This recipe—part of my Breast Cancer Awareness Month recipe give-away—contains a whole slew of anti-cancer ingredients.

Ballroom Cooking, Mediterranean-Style

At the Society for Integrative Oncology's annual conference we discovered that Mediterranean-style cooking can be done almost anywhere—even in a Marriott ballroom. Delicious ingredients, simple preparations and good cheer guaranteed!

A Breast Cancer Warrior's Soul Food

Today's post features a recipe shared by Verity, a British metastatic breast cancer thriver: a nutrient-packed vegetarian "Cottage Pie" that will warm your belly on a cold winter's night.

A Healthier Nutella

Chocolate and hazelnuts are a match made in heaven, as I think most of us would agree. Here's a recipe for a healthy home-made spread containing hazelnuts and cocoa sweetened with prunes and honey and rounded off with a smidgen of vanilla. All the taste but none of the empty calories of the commercial brands. Enjoy!

Keeping Warm

With winter moving in, reach for warming herbs to keep chills at bay. Today I'm sharing the recipe for a hot ginger-lemon infusion that will warm you to the tips of your toes and kill a few bacteria, fungi and cancer cells on the way.

Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Egg-free and Delicious

Now you can have your chocolate mousse and eat it too, for this seemingly decadent confection boasts a list of health virtues as long as my arm. If this sounds too good to be true, it gets even better: this healthy, tasty dessert only takes five minutes to prepare!

Eat Your Veggies

Most of us know that eating broccoli lowers our risk of cancer, but steamed or boiled broccoli is so boring, isn't it? Rediscover the crunchy delight of broccoli with the help of this recipe.