Is "Sex" a Taboo Word?

Before we smugly declare our era far more sexually enlightened than the time period depicted in “Downton Abbey,” it’s worth reflecting on how many taboos around sex talk persist today.

The Morning-After-Pill, Teenagers, and Parents

Should doctors prescribe the morning-after-pill to teenage girls—even those who don’t request it and don’t currently need it—unbeknownst to their parents? That’s the recommendation the American Academy of Pediatrics made last week.

HPV Vaccine Doesn't Cause Promiscuity

Parents have been slow to voluntarily vaccinate their daughters against HPV fearing the vaccine is an invitation to teenage promiscuity. A new study should put this concern to rest.

Why Child Sex Abuse Persists

Despite most Americans’ condemnation of child sexual abuse, an institutional culture can arise that ignores and even condones behavior that everyone can agree is wrong. How does this happen?

Good Kids, Bad Kids

Kate says her 14-year-old son is too young for sex: “I don’t think it’s safe for his age. Maybe it’s just him…he’s a little naïve.” I asked Kate, “What is it about your son’s age or his naïveté that makes you feel he wouldn’t be safe?”

What Lady Gaga, Child Protective Services, and Sex Education Have to Do with "The Talk"

Can we protect young people from sexual images and messages? And, more importantly, should we?