Understanding How to Live with Dementia

Skilled exercises help slow memory loss

Syncoupation! The rhythm of coupling

Emotional and physical fitness go hand in hand in creating powerfully coupled adults

Courageous Family Positivity Offers a Successful Life Model

Dr. Fredrickson’s thinking on positivity forms a foundation to understand the strength, success, and positivity of Dr. Coche’s family, fleeing Russian Pogrom violence in 1903.

Do You Know Any Emotionally Fit Couples?

Recently, my husband John and I climbed out of our casual beach clothes and made our way to a charming seaside church in Avalon, NJ, to attend the upbeat and moving funeral

The Two Hour Cure: Coupled Harmony

Dr. David Kelley coaches coupled harmony for introverts and extroverts

Leadership Is… Taking the Lead!

Wisdom from past U.S. presidents informs mental health professionals about leadership skills.

Raising Organically Grown Kids: Simply Good Living

Farm life teaches children to love days with animals and open spaces, while it painlessly reinforces central life lessons.

Anxiety: A Heart Attack to the Soul?

Panic attacks can seem so real that it can feel like a heart attack. Knowing the symptoms and treatment is invaluable.

Can You Really Teach Me to Lead a Group?

The complex treatment technique of Group Psychotherapy is well worth learning

Is the Subtle Omnipresence of Plants Key in Optimal Living?

Plants provide a surprisingly powerful key to optimal living.

Does Taking Psychiatric Meds Mean You Are In Bad Shape?

Art battles distractibility and lack of focus, while Alessandria battles anxiety and depression, so both are invited to consider medication in concert with cognitive therapy

Who Am I Without My Hair?

Cysterwigs helps women feel beautiful again after hair loss by coaching wig expertise.

Dead Food and Other Edible Horrors

Adequate physical self maintenance requires constant surveillance in the face of cultural norms relating to junk food addiction in the US.

A Recipe for the Happiest Marriage in the World

To love is the greatest human need; to love skillfully is the greatest human gift.

Oakley Hits the Beach Running: Winter Vacation Research

Research explains the necessity and advantages for human health and wellbeing.

Two Dog Evening: Happiness Tips from Bliss and Oakley

Because dogs live in the emotional moment, they can teach their humans how to truly live joyfully.

Making Magic Together: Two Couples exemplify Marital Harmony

For musicians Kerri Ryan and William Polk, and for Penn’s Village members, Drs. Anna Meadows and Alfred Knudson, rhythm and harmony are key to savoring the magic in marriage

Why Bother? The Dreaded Prospect of Necessary Weight Loss

There are solid and sensible ways to meet health standards in weight management.

Let’s Hear It For Shared Values in Long Term Coupling!

A long-married couple’s prize winning Restaurant provides an example of successful marital teaming.

“She Said ‘Yes!” Research on Variables in Marital Success

Brenden proposes to Nicole on bended knee in Rockefeller Center and meets the criteria for marital success from the National Marriage Project at Rutgers.

Do Our Inner Cities Need Fencing for a Happy New Year

Christmas Week feels is tarnished by wanton crime in the city of brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection

The Many Faces of Alex on a Saturday

Donations for poverty stricken residents of Alexandra Township in Johannesburg, South Africa, enable healthy lives.

Spending Is Less Rewarding Than Giving

Grace learns to spend little, but gift enough as she battles credit card debt.

Using a Couples Therapy Group to Build Your Best Marriage

Four couples work to build optimal lives through monthly group psychotherapy for couples.

The Scientific Truth about Giving Thanks: Just Do It!

Karen did not intend to be physically and emotionally abused by her husband, but life had other plans. Being coerced into dressing up in provocative outfits and posting her photo on the Internet shamed her sense of decency and deeply disturbed her values of fidelity and modesty. As a result she fled the marriage, using all available funds to pay an attorney.

The Challenge of Honesty in Psychotherapy

Chip, in long standing couples therapy with his wife to improve sex and intimacy, finds that painful honesty with their therapist facilitates great sex and intimacy at home.

Surfing Your Creativity: Key to an Optimal Life

World-class editor Betsy Rapoport shares wisdom on how to find what really matters most.

Can You Trust Candy From Your Neighbors?

A taste of old fashioned neighborhood spirit reminds us how crucial it is to our well-being to feel safe at home.

Play as Antidote to Depression and Anxiety? Yes, Really!

A recent party invitation sparks interest in researching the tremendous benefit of spontaneous and unstructured play in treating human ills.

Coupling: Present. Tense!

The legality of the increased range of variations in human coupling has created a complex interpersonal situation for all involved.