The Best Place to Be Is Together

A sense of peace and relaxation is the largest benefit from a vacation according to experts. Five guidelines help you return relaxed and happy.

Learning From the Inside Out

Learning from the inside out centers around the role of emotion in shaping our lives. Disney’s new film, Inside Out, presents current thinking in neuroscience in a format that allows animated characters to teach us how to live life.

Keep in Step: The Complexity of Stepfamilies

Lynne works with the underlying complexity of her stepfamily to create strong family bonds.

“Minding” Egrets—Humility In Being Human

Waking at her beach cottage, Dr Coche reflects on the overarching presence of graceful white egrets in her summer world. She reminds us of conservationist Marc Bekoff’s warning: “We bear a human imperative to honor and preserve other species planet wide.”

Harnessing the Freedom to Choose Success

Arms folded in front of her, Jana tried to remain calm in the face of a challenge from her parents and me. Joan and Ron, successful professionals who had grown up in the drug scene of the 1970s, were stuck. They agreed that her diagnosis of abuse of alcohol ought not to be ignored, but did not want to “crimp her style” or lead her into a rebellion which might lead her to

Lavender, Roses, and Oh So Much More

Health benefits of gardening indicate that it is worth the effort as an investment, not only for the beauty, but for augmented mental and physical health.

Lessons on Safari: Putting Humans in Their Place

An African photo safari provides the pathway to internalize the power of animal life in our world.

Live Like You Were Dying

A sign on the refrigerator of my South African hostess reads “Find life experiences and swallow them whole. Travel. Meet many people. Go down some dead ends and explore dark alleys. Try everything. Exhaust yourself in the glorious pursuit of life…” -Lawrence K. Fish

Mama Bliss

Mama Bliss, a stellar Portuguese water dog, provides mothering in the most surprising way.

Lovely Me

Amy loses weight by squarely facing her emotional eating patterns and envisions living the life in the body of her choice.

Gracing Clients’ Lives

Boomer died suddenly at age 9, leaving a trail of progeny and well wishes for his therapy work with clients.

Back in the Swim

Ambivalent about permission to move on with her life after early widowhood, Angie has spent three years going through classic stages of grieving. As a widow, I understand and help her to free her energies to move into warm weather with a spring in her step.

A Few Drinks After Work

Nadine fools herself into thinking she can manage her drinking, but psychological assessment indicates danger unless she gets needed help. Six questions can help you see if you or someone you love needs help.

Healing the Wounded Heart

Karen, a psychiatric nurse, connects her personal insecurity with the early loss of her Mother. As her therapist, I decide to self disclose that I became a young widow, and I understand. Together, we consider life after loss.

Because I Hurt When She Hurts

Tim and Kelly shifted from being critical and angry to working together to build a positive future. Their psychotherapy group for couples gives feedback about the impact of knowing a couple who practices positivity daily.

Is Good Psychotherapy Worth the Investment?

Nick, age 55, gets unstuck when he and wife Barbara join together to invest in their own depth therapy to deal with how to feel passion, be more cognitively flexible, and create a happier marriage. They are glad they did.

Love Was Just Around the Corner

Just when Eva assumed love had passed her by it stopped to call and stayed a while. Perhaps the reason is that Eva has done superb work to strengthen her troubled family experiences and to build positivity and resilience. Join us as we stop in to see how she built her career and found a Valentine’s Day love just around the corner when she was 55.

The Unjealous Friend

Research informs us that generosity of spirit is a key quality for happy people. Join us as we celebrate the accomplishments of my oft awarded friend, Afaf.

The Deep Dark Secret of Feeling Shy

Gathering her courage to buy a pair of jeans that show off her lithe body, Elizabeth works in therapy to confront her anxiety through cognitive therapy. Little by little plans are made to work though more challenging situations till the shyness is manageable for the first time in Elizabeth’s life.

Clueless: Bringing an Affair into the Open

Join Rolph as he tries to be honest and intimate with his wife about the infidelity that has plagued him. Marna is unable to consider his request to use therapy as a forum to work through legitimate concerns, and the two seem unable to cross the chasm that has separated them. Might you be denying hints your partner has been sending to you? A thought provoking topic….

I Know a Woman Who: The Magical Munchkin Years

Often the most important facet of happiness is under our nose. Join us in the story of grandmother Abbe, whose life teaches her quickly what is central to her happiness and how to achieve it with ease. Dr. Christopher Peterson taught her, and us, that “Other people matter. And we are among the other people who matter the most.”

“I Think I Can…I Think I Can”: The Creative Spirit

Dr Coche remembers her fondness for “the little blue engine that could” help her learn to overcome adversity. She shares the lesson of this tale with both her granddaughter and you, the reader, to help you remember four keys to creative living in 2015.

Outsmarting Grinchmanship

Nadia learns to outsmart husband Morris’ grinchmanship in order to create a joyous holiday for her and those she loves. Four principles from the science of happiness pave the way for her, and for you this holiday season.

Resourceful Resilience

Research on resilience indicates key strengths in bouncing back after life does a number on us. The Morrows provide inspiration for how we can grow after tragedy despite our sorrow.

Hardwired for Love

The human heart has its own reasons and, in the tussle with rational thought, often directs human behavior towards emotional fulfillment. Decades of research corroborate that humans most value loving well. Might this help you in a life goal?

Did Time Stop For You?

Join me as I visit with Maureen and her infant, Fawn, whose lives illustrate the power of fully engaging with each other and show us the core of living a flourishing life.

Uniquely You

Yoshi undervalues her ability as a psychotherapist and needs greater self esteem in order to credit herself as is deserved. Virginia Satir’s Declaration of Self Esteem provides a way to modeslty celebrate who you are.

They Live in My Heart

Diane carries the message of her therapy group in her heart as she tackles the seemingly overwhelming task of helping an alcoholic brother. Relationships have the power to increase courage to do the right thing despite great odds. Letting others know how much they mean creates a life force for all of us.

Touch Turns Existence Into Meaning

Join Dr Coche in a true life story of the near fatal "Widows' Maker" heart attack that husband John suffered in 2012! Learn how Dr Coche utilized the behavioral science research on touch to help John maximize his chance of full recovery.

The Power of Marital Love

Join Clem and Marie in the psychotherapy that helped them transform their marriage from dangerously near divorce to passionate and deeply meaningful. Learn the educational and therapeutic steps that allowed deep sadness to transform into both pleasure and satisfaction together.