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Are We in Control or on Autopilot?

Reflexive system runs the show when we are short on time and effort. This system is not great at filtering. Many efforts to change habits fail, because they address the logical.

20 Shades of Sadness: Why Do We Get Depressed?

At best, any treatment for depression is only 60% effective in managing symptoms. Why don't treatments alleviate the suffering of more people? Because, treatments come in one size!

Why Sharing Your Goals Makes Them Less Achievable?

When we talk about our goals to others, our brain is tricked into thinking that the goal was achieved. As a result, it stops investing energy in or inhibit actions toward our goal.

Do Minorities Have Equal Access to All Emotions?

Where a person lies in the hierarchy set by society determines which emotions to express and which to suppress.

Are You a Highly Sensitive Person? Should You Change?

The brain areas associated with high sensitivity are the same ones involved when expressing empathy. You can benefit from your high sensitivity by selecting the right environment.

Is Social Pain Real Pain?

The same brain areas involved in processing physical pain such burning or hurt are also activated when a negative comment burns or when your feelings are hurt. Social pain is real.

The Neuroscience of Wanting and Pleasure

If you feel like you are running out of steam, it is OK! Motivation goes up and down. If the tide was high all the time, we would fail to see the beauty of calm oceans.

Winter Holiday Weight Gain and Related Biological Causes

There are seasonal biological changes that facilitate an increase in our caloric intake.

Why Would Groups Attacked by Trump Vote For Him?

Victims might become hypnotized by their attackers and impersonate or even defend them.
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Why Is It Impossible to Not Judge People?

It is impossible to meet someone and make zero internal judgments about them. Just like it is impossible to look at a word and not read it.