Judges and Neuroscience

Judges are now being educated about neuroscience and law.

Neuro Law Conference Recap...

Last Friday, 250 lawyers, neuroscientists, academics and students got together on a Friday afternoon in Houston...

The Intersections Between Neuroscience and Law

Law, as a human institution, is a system for governing human behavior...The brain, as an organ, is the physiological system that governs individual behavior...Thus, at their very core, law and neuroscience are intimately interwoven.

Welcome to Neurisprudence!

Welcome to the new Psychology Today blog “Neurisprudence”! Neurisprudence is a term we came up with to describe our present area of inquiry—the intersection of neuroscience and law, or ‘jurisprudence.’ At the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, the Initiative on Neuroscience and Law has begun to move forward with research and experiments into this fascinating area, and Psychology Today invited us to share some of our thoughts on this topic.