Ashton Kutcher Hospitalized with Pancreatic Pain

Actor Ashton Kutcher says he was hospitalized with pancreatic problems caused by the high fructose diet he adopted to play the role of Apple founder Steve Jobs. A high fructose diet likely contributed to the cancer that killed Jobs.


Did Steve Jobs live 30 years after developing cancer thanks to his near vegan diet? That's the claim made by Dr. John McDougall in a lecture marked by ideology overriding science and common sense.

Soy and Seizures

Excess soy consumption has long been associated with ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety, dementia and other mental health issues. Now it appears it can aggravate seizures as well.

Bacon, the Feel Good Food

What if bacon is actually good for us? What if it actually supports good health and is not a mortal dietary sin after all? What if we can eat all we’d like? And feel better too? Naughty propositions to be sure, but ones The Naughty Nutritionist is prepared to argue. And that promise is not just a strip tease!

Atlas Shrugged and Project Soybean

With an "Atlas Shrugged" documentary in the news, it's time to reread Ayn Rand's epic novel and think about all that's being done to our food supply “for our own good.”

Keeping Mondays Meaty

Earth Day 2012 is coming up this weekend, leading to much-needed talk about how our food choices impact the planet. Most of this talk, as usual, centers on “veg centric” diets with all of us urged to take the Environmental Working Group’s Meatless Monday pledge. I personally am not about to take that pledge, and here's a dozen good reasons why.

Sex and the Panda

To help pandas in captivity mate and reproduce, zookeepers have tried everything from behavioral therapy to showing X-rated videos of humping pandas. This week all eyes were on Tian Tian and Yang Guang at the Edinburgh Zoo, but the mating dance ended when her hormones dropped prematurely. Clearly it's time to consider the role of the panda diet.

Talking Tofurky: Politicians Who Need Extra Helpings of Soy!

With the Republican convention coming up this summer, it's time for the Naughty Nutritionist™ to talk tofurky!

Fowl Play! Plumped, Pumped, and Massaged

Ever wonder about those plump well-endowed DD cup chickens at the supermarket? Yes, chickens today are bred to be mostly breasts, but that's not all.

Like Sex or Chocolate

A few years back, Cadbury Chocolate did a survey and announced with great fanfare that more than half the women in the UK would rather curl up with a chocolate bar than let a man get a leg over. That's not good news for those British men who like to boast that they've got more than a stiff upper lip!

Taking Stock: Soup for Healing Body, Mind, Mood, and Soul

Old fashioned soup is the surprising secret to putting spring in your step, sparkle in your eyes, love in the heart and lust in the loins. For those not prepared to cook, the Naughty Nutritionist proposes broth-els in every town.