Dietary Supplement Interactions

Just because a product is all-natural and backed by science to be effective in some people doesn't mean that it can't interact with other herbs and supplements.

Music Therapy for Health and Wellness

Is music a part of your daily life? Check out this blog post to see some of the ways in which music may help keep stress levels down, improve sleep, and more.

Attention: Integrative Therapies

Do you have ADHD or know someone who has symptoms? These integrative therapies may be able to help.

Natural Sex Enhancer Update

Valentine's Day is around the corner, and those who are anxious about sexual dysfunction may find help in alternative therapies, herbs, and supplements.

Keeping Your Brain Sharp

Looking for ways to keep your brain sharp? All-natural herbs and supplements may help you staying alert.

Set Fire to Your Smoking Habits

Many Americans want to quit smoking, but not all gums, patches, and other cessation aids work for everyone. Some may want to look into cost saving complementary and alternative medical (CAM) therapies, such as yoga, acupuncture, and natural herbs and supplements to help them put down the cigarettes for good. Save your lungs and your money!

Alternative Therapies for Stress and Anxiety

Everyone experiences stress at some point in their lives. Some feel anxious once in a while, when they have to visit the dentist or present a project at school. Others may feel tense on a daily basis, if they get stuck in rush hour traffic or have to run around to meetings all day.

Natural Energy-Boosting Treatments

Alternative therapies may be a great way to relieve your exhaustion and help improve your well-being so that you can go about your day feeling strong and energized.

Natural Standard on Bridgewater TV

Natural Standard was recently featured in a special series on Bridgewater Television (BTV) about dietary supplements and integrative medicine.

Alternative Therapies for OCD

Have you ever heard someone joke about having OCD? Many people don't understand how serious and debilitating the disorder can be.

Natural Options for Insomnia

Picture this: you’ve had a long day at work. You come home and climb into bed, exhausted, longing to to sleep. But the hours tick by and still your eyes are open, you’re tossing and turning. Or maybe you doze off, only to wake up tossing and turning at 3 AM. If this sounds familiar, you may have something that affects millions of people worldwide—insomnia.

Alternative Treatments for Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction affects both mind and body. Here are some alternative therapies that have been shown to help.
Feeling SAD This Season?

Feeling SAD This Season?

SAD should not be confused with mild winter blues. It can be as debilitating as other forms of depression. Conventional and non-conventional therapies are available and may be helpful.