Picky Eaters: Emotional or Physical Problem?

Children may refuse to eat for physical reasons (constipation, abdominal pain) which can be addressed with supplements. But when they lose their appetite because of stress or grief, natural medicines can help.

Supporting Work-Life Balance with Natural Medicines

Some workaholics drive themselves into a state of chronic fatigue, motivated by an internal sense of perfection or a commitment to a cause. Others, driven by ambition or competitiveness, may develop gastrointestinal distress. Either way, natural medicines can relieve the physical symptoms and help the person set healthier boundaries at the same time.

Supporting a Shy Child, Naturally

Natural medicines can help shy children (and adults) feel more self-confident and expressive, safely and with no side effects.

Strength in Grieving, Naturally

Natural medicines can help strengthen people through the grieving process, allowing them to process their feelings without numbing them. These medicines are safe (no side effects, not habit forming), regulated as over-the-counter meds by the FDA.

Autism Cures: Natural Therapies, First Steps

Thousands of children have been cured of autism using multiple natural therapies. Here are simple, safe and inexpensive things parents can start with at home while researching professional modalities (which will provide the heavy lifting). Different things work for different children, however these tips are widely helpful and certainly worth a try.

Anxious Mothers-To-Be: Natural Options

For a pregnant woman with anxiety – including anxiety about taking tranquilizers – and wishing to avoid unnecessary prescription drugs, homeopathic medicines can provide a safe alternative. They include the "what if?" remedy, the "rehearsal remedy", and the "I'm not ready for this!" remedy.

Postpartum Depression – Natural Options

Natural medicines can provide a safe and effective alternative to antidepressants during pregnancy and breastfeeding as well as for postpartum depression.

Feeling Blue? ‘Green Medicine’ Offers Answers

These natural medicines are safe enough to be labeled over-the-counter meds by the FDA and do not cause side effects, addiction or dependency. They've stood the test of time for 200 years. Sound too good to be true?

Natural Medicines For the Lonely Heart’s Club Band

Valentine’s Day can be the worst time to nurse a broken heart, especially if you just got the upsetting news by email or text. You’re left with grief and more — a feeling of abandonment, perhaps betrayal, and shock if you didn’t see it coming. Natural medicines can help strengthen you to cope with the crisis. They don’t numb your strong feelings but rather help you become

Healing Cognitive and Emotional Effects of Head Injuries

Safe and effective natural medicines can prevent or reverse the longterm effects of head injuries, including memory loss, lack of concentration, insomnia, anger, depression, and even suicidal ideation.

School Shootings: Calming Kids Naturally

Natural medicines can help when kids are so traumatized that talking is not enough - when they can't sleep, have nightmares, or won't go to school. These medicines are safe, easily available, FDA-approved for kids, and best of all, kids like taking them.

Cope with Holiday Stress Naturally

Try these safe and effective natural medicines instead of screaming at the kids or dropping from exhaustion. They are the best kept secrets of a health food store!