The "Failure to Launch" Epidemic

Turning out OK is no longer an outcome acceptable to parents. Today children must be optimized. And that may be why failure-to-launch is a growing problem among young adults.

Altered Minds

In a new film, Altered Minds, director Michael Z Wechsler bases the psychological suspense on covert mind-control experiments.

The Mating Game Has Changed, and You Won't Believe How

Mating is changing in some very surprising ways in response to an increasing shortage of high-quality men. When it comes to mating, it turns out, numbers change psychology.

Where Did Colleges Go Wrong?

'Puppy days' and trigger warnings exemplify how colleges are increasingly in the business of infantilizing students rather than developing them.

Dating: From Tinder to Tender

Technology can be highly misleading about what matters most in the search for a mate.

The Search for Happiness

"Hector and the Search for Happiness" is the title of a new film directed by Peter Chelsom. Its point is that making happiness the goal doesn't work. Part of the problem is that in questing for happiness we flee from unhappiness. But real happiness is richness, encompassing the full spectrum of emotions.

Backstage with Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers was hilarious. She was brilliant. And she could be shockingly cutting. Best of all, she was a real working girl.

The New Rules of Relationships

These are the elements of a healthy relationship.

Helicopter Parenting—It's Worse Than You Think

How is it that those who mean only the best for their kids can wind up bringing out the worst in them?

Helicopter Parenting—Uh-Oh, It's the Law!!

Custody disputes and child-support allocations now force parents to outdo each other at overparenting. By some strange twist of law, that's now considered to be in "the best interests of the child."

The Worst Idea in the World

That most powerful of engines of human development, the emotional attachment between parent and child, begins in the earliest days of infancy and endures well into adulthood. But so distorted has child-rearing become in the U.S. that the entire enterprise of attachment has been subverted. Take the case of "attachment parenting."

Feeding Kids via Pouch—You've Got To Be Kidding

Oh, no. Is it now too much to demand of our kids that they actually sit at a table with us for dinner?

The Grudging Guru

In a frequently funny new documentary called Kumaré, young American filmmamker Vikram Gandhi grows a beard, adds an accent and a mantra, sheds a lot of clothes, and transforms himself into an Eastern guru who gains a following in the western desert. Kumaré just might be the best-natured takedown of belief you'll ever see.

Pills or Thrills?

America's pediatricians have chosen a puzzling approach to kiddie obesity.

Happy Mothers Day! Now Get Out of Here!!

Happy Mothers Day! To all those folks who believe that good parenting is highly involved parenting, take the day off. Let your kids figure out how to manage themselves. You owe it to yourself. And especially to your kids.

A Troubling Trend of Quitters in the Ivy League

I want to share with you a totally unsolicited letter I just received from a coach at an Ivy League university, one of many people now "on the front lines of dealing with overparented young people." It spotlights a terrible trend that affects all of us.

A Sickness in the Schools

A new study shows that drinking among females seriously escalates in the transition from high school to college and frequently puts freshman females at risk for physical or sexual assault.