Listen to Lady Gaga

I'm so sorry for Lady Gaga's chronic pain, but the publicity for pain is good!

The Global Pain Crisis

Millions of people around the world live—and die—in pain for lack of access to morphine.

Chronic Pain and the Risk of Suicide

Chronic pain significantly increases the danger.

Opioids and Marijuana Laws

Marijuana may reduce deaths from opioid overdoses.

Neither a Wonder nor a Menace

Zohydro is certainly not a perfect pain drug. But it’s probably not as bad as it’s portrayed to be, either.

The Latest Chronic Pain Drug: Good News or Bad?

This latest chronic pain drug may be necessary for people in severe, chronic pain, but addiction specialists worry

Non-Drug Treatments for Chronic Pain

Non-drug treatments for chronic pain.

Women and Pain: Why Women Have More Pain

Chronic pain affects 100 million Americans, but it hits women particularly hard.

Exercise: The Best Non-Drug Treatment for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain affects 100 million Americans, and exercise is one of the best treatments.

Why the FDA Is Wrong on Vicodin

The FDA's recent decision on hydrocodone-containing drugs such as Vicodin is flawed in many ways. It may not curb abuse, but it almost certainly will harm pain patients.

FDA Ruling on Vicodin—Burdens for Pain Patients

The FDA is severely restricting access to Vicodin and other hydrocodone-containing products.

After Fukushima—Are We Worried About the Wrong Things?

A growing body of data suggests that depression, obesity, alcoholism and other ills may be a bigger problem post-Fukishima than radiation.

Why Are More Women Overdosing on Painkillers?

Men are more likely to die of an opioid-related overdose, but the number of deaths among women has been rising. Many opioid-related deaths also involve other drugs, including alcohol.

Backlash Against Walgreens' Painkiller Crackdown

Walgreens' policy causing problems for some pain patients

Exploring the Link Between Exercise and Migraine

A Danish study finds strenuous exercise triggers migraines less often than once thought. Some triggers for migraines are not so much triggers as signs that a migraine is already in progress.

How Safe Are NSAIDS, Anyway?

A huge study of 300,000 people reveals some cardiac risks with NSAIDS

Garlic's Cancer-Fighting Potential

Some good news about a dietary way to fight cancer

Key Pain Relief Ingredient Under (More) Scrutiny

Pain relievers are in the news again—and the news isn’t great.