Live as if You’ll Die Tomorrow—Write a Will Today

Writing a will is not something most of us think about. Or talk about. Or want to think or talk about. Because writing one reminds us that we are all going to die. Yet, until we find the scientific fountain of youth, death is inevitable. If you want any control over what happens to your belongings and dependents (such as your children and pets), write a will today.

The Naked Truth about Human Sex Trafficking

Human sex trafficking is an enormous problem in the United States and around the world. Choose to become more informed about the facts of human sex trafficking, talk about them, and get active. If we allow our self-deceptive tendencies to delude us into ignoring this issue, it will never change.

I Want Chocolate!

Although the holidays can be a wonderful time of year full of light-hearted cheer, it is challenging time for many of us to manage our eating—particularly for those of us who crave chocolate. Here are three tips to help you manage your holiday chocolate cravings.

Did I Really Just Tell You That?

Picture yourself meeting someone at a social event. Before you can stop yourself, sensitive personal information seems to be spilling out of your mouth: “I am going through a brutal break-up. I don't trust anyone anymore.” When we are uncomfortable with the truth, we often share too much with others. Our insecurities lead us to over disclose.

Music Is What Feelings Sound Like

Music is an incredible vehicle to express emotion and cope with painful life realities. In times of strife or new-found honesty, use it to your advantage. Sing along to your favorite song, analyze the lyrics of a favorite artist, explore new genres that are foreign to you, or play an instrument to find your own voice.

TEDxUNLV Honest Liars: The Psychology of Self-Deception

Did I really agree to give a TEDx talk on self-deception? What was I thinking! How am I going to convince people how they lie to themselves when that would require them to tell the truth? The answer was that I had to use myself as an example. As such, giving a TED talk on self-deception became an opportunity for me to change.

Why 'Do You Love Me?' May Be the Wrong Question

Most of us have asked someone if they love or miss us when we feel needy or insecure. But, stop and ask yourself, “Does this ever really go well?" When we look to other people for reassurance in moments of insecurity, we are always left wanting more because we will never believe their response.

The Race To Be Beautiful

If I asked you to name five racial minority supermodels in 30 seconds or less, could you do it? The strong likelihood is that most of you can't because the ideal-looking woman presented in mainstream American culture is White. Given this reality, developing a strong sense of belonging to ones cultural group is an important way to combat body dissatisfaction.

To Change or Not To Change

As humans, we typically hate change. We are generally more comfortable in environments and relationships that are familiar than in those that require us to evolve. This is true even if what is familiar is unhealthy or unfulfilling. Consequently, when confronted with an undesirable aspect of our lives, it helps to examine the costs of changing and of not changing.

What's Luck Got to Do With It?

If you want to spot a liar, listen for the word "luck." People regularly blame bad luck for undesirable life circumstances to defer responsibility for their choices. The next time you say or hear the word luck, ask yourself: Is this really about luck or is this an effort to avoid taking responsibility?

The Mass Media, Body Image, and Self-Deception

We don't often think about how profoundly the mass media influences the lies we tell ourselves about our appearance. On television, in movies, and in advertisements, we are fed information about who we should be in our culture. Unfortunately, cultural messages frequently negatively affect our body image and self-esteem through self-deception.

How Do I Know When I Am Lying to Myself?

How do you know when you are deceiving yourself? Clearly, you can’t directly ask yourself whether you are lying because that would require you to tell the truth. Yet, self-deception has profoundly destructive consequences on your romantic relationships. It is up to you to change, or you will harm yourself, your partners, and the quality of your romantic experiences.

Isla Vista: How Do People Become Mass Shooters?

In the face of tragedies like the recent Isla Vista shooting, most of us are left asking, "How does this happen? How does someone become a mass killer?" Although the answer is incredibly complex, one consistent fact is this: people frequently use emotional pain to justify extreme acts of cruelty. In this way, self-deception often fuels violence towards others.