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I Spy With My Little Eye

Who is watching you and why?
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Be(lie)ve It or Not: Part Two

What are the connection among Star Wars, belief, mythology, and Peter Pan?
Manu Praba / Wikipedia Commons CC BY 2.0

Be(lie)ve It or Not: Part One

Is belief a psychological condition? Why do we believe what we believe? What does belief mean? Is it many things?
Illustration aus Amelius Erörterung der dunckelsten und schwersten Schrifft-Stellen/Wikimedia Commons

Sacrifices, Sacrificial Lambs, and Scapegoats

Mythic origins and contemporary examples of human sacrifice both real and symbolic.

It's Not "Just a Myth"

A myth is a story, but “story” doesn’t necessarily mean made up. A myth may not be true in the sense that it is 100% factual. The value of myth is the truth it tells us about us.